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982: Clitorall

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Rod and Karen are joined by Nina Perez of ProjectFandom.com to discuss managing content, writing books, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump gets fired from NBC, Vine Star gets in hot water, Rick Ross goes back to jail, Tallywackers, a Hooters waitress gives up her kidney, Viagra for women, restaurants behaving badly, airline passenger goes nuts, AskELJames, Bristol Palin, KKK rally at the statehouse, Jeb Bush comes around on the confederate flag, BallerAlert, mom kills kids, brawl in parking lot and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    There is a female version of hooters in japan called Macho Cafe. Check out how many women are in line.



    Some one needs to make a Magic Mike Inspired cafe for the ladies! That would make a lot of money.

  2. EvieE

    You guys were on fire this episode. When you guys were talking about Tallywackers I died about ten times. Karen was especially funny. So how much you want to bet that one of those customers who “accidentally” walks in that place will be Donnie McClurken?

  3. Lenore312

    Love hearing Nina’s voice. My shows went off so I don’t have reviews to listen to until Fear the walking dead. So about strip club food- apparently there is quality food in some strip clubs. At least in Atlanta, my cousin and her husban sometimes go just to eat. Like she’ll text him “how’s your day?” and he says “going to Cheetahs for lunch”. She back up the good food claim, I have yet to visit and experience this “delicious” food. Not sure if i will once i get there.
    Vine fame- Apparently you can make mad money as a Vine star. Heard a woman, I can’t remember her name, on Alias Smith and LeRoi (great podcast that could be Rod and Justin in 40 years if you were in show business) that said the big vine stars can make 60Gs on a sponsored vine or set of vines. Whenever i hear about stuff like this I wonder why the hell i’m in school instead of posting vids on the internet trying to get my 15 minues of fame.
    Maybe I can get that get it in on the regular and tell other girls to keep their legs closed for that Bristol Palin money….oh wait i’m black.
    Love yall, thanks for keep my days filed with great info and laughter. Lenore312

  4. Chris from Hawaii

    Such a good episode. I’m a “Nina Stan” so it was all good for that reason alone. The fact the Baller Alert story was a classic was just a bonus.

    Regarding the Confederate Flag, I’m from the deep south so it was something present in most southern state flags if not all for a while. That said, I always laugh when people try to separate it from racism. It ‘s like saying the swastika doesn’t represent racism – the systematic genocide of the Jews and mention in Mein Kampf of ruling over non-Aryan races was just a big misunderstanding. Right.

  5. NatashaP

    So Tallywackers really isn’t serving up helicopter peen? I call shenanigans.

  6. Anzidavis

    I would like to have the confederate flag removed and put in a museum so all the undercover racist people will be revealed when they put the flags up in their yards. It will make it a little easier in my world to know off top what I am working with instead of being blindsided, because I sometimes forget that some people have a problem with my skin color (my privilege of being middle class).

  7. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    Oh my gosh, the Baller Alert story — maybe it’s just that I’m old, but you can’t show up at 3:30am and then be bitchy when the man is tired!!

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