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983: BET Awards 2015


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Rod and Karen discuss Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get divorced, Girl Scouts return 100k donation, county clerk says she will marry her dog, a Portland pastor is pro marriage equality, Jindal is stupid, Obama grants overtime pay to more Americans, Spears vs Iggy, Huckabee, Transwomen will now be held in women’s facilities, TX AG says to ignore supreme court ruling, minister threatened for performing gay marriages, black Flagger, The KKK, BET Awards recap and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Hiroja Shibe

    Until I started to listening to Black Hosted Podcasts I did not even know that BET was still a channel (cord cutter) and just listening to everyone else commentary on BET Award has been fun for me. Next Year I will watch the show just to listen to all the commentary get more of the jokes. Great Show !

  2. Chris from Hawaii

    Another timely episode. The hypocrisy and lack of understanding so many people, particularly the clergy or their supporters have regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage in all states is ridiculous. I won’t go into the hypocrisy regarding how the religious right cherry pick what “issues” to defend and which ones aren’t worth bothering about. As for religious groups, as I understand it, they don’t have to perform ceremonies – then again, that’s not what the law recognize as saying you’re married – it’s a marriage certificate. Even if you’re married as part of a religious ceremony you still have to get a marriage certificate for it to be legally recognized by the law. That’s what was approved, legal recognition and the benefits and protections that come along with it.

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