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984: Who’s Burning Black Churches?


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Rod and Karen discuss people upset over marriage equality ruling, the “Not Alone” campaign, Misty Copeland, National Restaurant Assoc is against increased overtime, child finds fingernail in Big Mac, Rihanna sets sales record, Trump, Bees attack and kill farmer, media turning on Amy Schumer, Greek debt crisis, black homeowners hurt during recession, black churches burning, Pizza Hut masturbator, subway jerker, teacher arrested for showing pics to kids, loud sex leads to violence, mom needs parenting classes and sword ratchtness plus Dem Detectives.

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  1. Don Lemon

    Honestly, I’m pretty disappointed in Macy’s decision to pull the Trump clothing line.
    Where am I going to get my suits now?

  2. David from Brooklyn

    I think that the hardware store owner has overlooked a major problem in his own store. Assuming that he sells nuts and bolts–does he keeps the bolts together in one bin, and the nuts in another bin? That’s what most hardware stores do, but it’s an obvious invitation to sin.

    He is allowing promiscuous, unprotected, bolt-on-bolt contact to occur right in his own store. Nut-on-nut contact could be occurring as well. It’s contrary to natural law.

    He needs to arrange his hardware the way God intended, with just ONE nut and ONE bolt together forever. He will need a much larger number of bins, but a Christian knows that sacrifices must be made for the sake of purity.

    He should also require his customers to sign an oath before God that each bolt they buy will be joined with its one and only nut, forever, exclusively, with no mixing or swapping allowed. And once they are joined, no man shall put them asunder.

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