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Rod and Karen discuss their 4th of July, Obama will commute non violent drug offenders, many people upset over marriage equality, DMX arrested again, parents cleared in child neglect case, tough mudder gets folks sick, Maya Rudolph, Argentinian pilots fired, more Trump dumping, ministers on fire, Dylann Roof has ties to white supremacists, Amanda Roof, George Takei apologizes, Fox News on Kendrick Lamar’s BET performance, Ebola heroin, clowns with sex toys, man pretends to be quadriplegic, spaghetti spat and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Rod and Karen, I’m dancing to this Obama news. I called that shit years ago. I knew he wasn’t going to start releasing non-violent prisoners in his first administration or even early into his second. But I kept on thinking “Obama knows about the private prisons and the police brutality and bias against black people, he’ll do something eventually” and sho nuff he did. I love how he comes out and speaks about non-violent prisoners and the news ate it up, but most black folks knew what group he was referring to (“black people” in my uncle Randolf voice). I will forever be that person at the party who brings up Obama’s accomplishments years into the future, and people can get mad if they want. He is the greatest president the country has ever had. At this point in time, Obama IS the main politician speaking about race, but he does it in a way where people still listen somewhat. I’m pretty much disregarding people, espicially black people, who still want to stand on the mountain top and criticize Obama for petty shit.

    I lost my job about a month ago and applied for unemployment. This was my 2nd time, the first time was back in 2010 while the economy was terrible. That waiting room back in 2010 was standing room only, last month there were only a few of us applying for unemployment (I’m in Atlanta by the way). Not only do we have statistical evidence that Obama has improved many aspects in this country, but you can also see it through your own eyes. If somebody hadn’t noticed what Obama has done since 2008 you’re just lost.

    I’m glad yall are Obama stans, it makes me feel less isolated in my opinions.

  2. Kyle

    I laughed when Fox News covered Kendrick’s song. Because when I went to see him live, there was a ton of young white people in the arena. All singing “We gon be Alright!” in unison. Now remember, young people tend to live with their parents longer than they used to. So white people watched their grown ass daughters walk out the door in booty shorts to go see Kendrick. And Fox News just made them feel worse.

    I have nothing else to add except that Obama is better than Bill Clinton. And people should watch the music video for Alright.

  3. David from Brooklyn

    Hi. Karen, something you said in this episode got my hopes up, but I checked, and unfortunately it looks as if the Supreme Court didn’t rule against “three strikes” laws in general. It would be huge if they had.

    Instead, they ruled against part of one particular law because of some vague language in it–not because of the “three strikes” idea. And it was a federal law that only applied to sentencing for certain federal crimes. The vast majority of people in prison today have been sentenced for violating state laws. California’s notorious “three strikes” law, which you mentioned, is still in force, I’m sorry to say.

    So the ruling unfortunately won’t affect very many prisoners, and didn’t challenge most laws that designate certain (cough, cough) people as “career criminals” and give them extra-long or even life sentences.

    If you’ll allow me to editorialize for a moment–those laws need to be repealed by electing state legislators who are responsible to the people. They’re part of why we shouldn’t focus only on the President or Congress, because a lot crucial issues are decided at state and local levels.

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