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985: Independence Night


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Lenore312

    Hey Rod! Hey Karen!
    I was listening to 984 and I was with you and Karen about the people damn near gloatng about respectibility politics not saving the charleston 9. Fuck those people cause their priorities are fucked up.However you brought in the fact that a prominent blogger was calling out other bloggers for not talking about black issues. That particular conversation was started from Nerd About Town a beauty blogger that recieved a “Stay in your lane, don’t talk about black shit” email from a “reader”. Here’s the link

    It’s not too long but I just gave you the gist. So the premise of the Beauty blogger call out was to speak up on black issues even if you might lose readers. You and Karen both said this needs to be talked about and that could mean simply taking one post of a blog to say “I like *insert hobby here*and i’m also concerned about Black lives here’s a link to some info/activist writing”. Don’t hold back because you think you might lose readers cuz the readers that don’t want to read about black stuff aren’t the readers you want. Just like having “friends” that don’t want to have real talks about race.

    Amy Schumer was riding her wave and ended up with a face full of sand. In today’s climate racial jokes are very tricky. i’m half and half on her humor so i’m not calling for her head but i can understand why some are upset. I’m not seeing her shows or going to see her movie so that’s all the Schumer haters will get from me in unintentional support.

    I had a thought about the Confederate flag and how it served as an easy tag for racists. I loved know who i didn’t need to deal with even if they were an “I’m not racist but…” white person. I want it to come down and go in a museum next to a klan hood and confederate uniform (as sugessted by /Bree Newsome). BUT I will miss the literal red flag waving above those white eople that insist they are just protecting their “heritage”. I want to see how many of those people will come out with “but we took our flag down!” when we move on to the next level of racial equality.

    That’s all for now. Keep up the good work Love, Lenore312

  2. btouch

    Hey Rod & Karen:

    Listening to this week’s feedback show, I forgot to ask on the comments for episode 981 if you’d seen the “director’s cut” version of “Little Shop of Horrors” with the original ending that was replaced for the final released version.

    I don’t wanna spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but I’ll just say that this alternate ending matches the ending of the stage musical version and the stakes and outcome…significantly differ from the version everyone saw in 1986.

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