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987: The Proof Was In The Pudding


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Rod and Karen discuss a tree trying to kill Rod, The Cosby Show, black man hate crimes black men at church, ribfest suicide, Ben Carson comes to Trump’s aid, Confederate Flag, man threatens to shoot the President, Whole Foods was overcharging, Tami Roman, vandals harass family for having a black visitor, prison guard is definitely not racist, BallerAlert, dangling candy, cocaine sales, security caught with pants down, groupie thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    What Bill Cosby did was disgusting. But what I find even more disgusting is how people are some of the reaction to the news and there are a couple groups that I’m giving the side eye to. The first group is the ones who didn’t believe it happened despite thirty-seven women with similar stories coming forward just because he’s black. And then there’s the group who are still caping for him even though he said out of his mouth that he obtained pills for the purpose of having sex.

    It boggles my mind how Whoopie is still defending this serial rapist, but I shouldn’t be surprised, because she defends racists on a regular. Let’s not forget that she defended Ted Danson in blackface. I haven’t decided if she’s just willfully ignorant or just trolling us. Even if the women knew they were being given the pills, what kind of man would want to sleep with someone who is passed out? Apparently critical thinking isn’t Whoopie’s or Raven Symone’s, strong point, SMH.

    As for me, every time I read a new articles on Bill Cosby, I feel like Samuel L Jackson in A Time To Kill. “YES HE DID IT! AND I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!!”

  2. SugahBabe

    I’m glad you’re safe RAB! And I totally get Karen’s reaction.

    Listen, I thought I’d stay mad throughout that Southern politician’s diatribe about gay marriage but when he said: the White House was lit up in abomination colours?!
    I lost it. When did rainbow colours become so nefarious?

  3. Anzidavis

    There should have a been a third selection on the pole, Rod like “always thought he did it”. I normally an “innocent till proven guilty” thinking type of person but in the Cosby’s situation, he was paying women off for years, I remember when I first heard these stories back in the early 90’s. I still watch the Cosby show, and his other movies with Sir Sydney Poitier without any problems because I can separate the man and the character he is playing.

  4. Ratty Gadsen

    I had a queer near death experience.

    I frequented a gay bar in Spokane called Hour Place.

    Picture if you will Bryan, a dear brother unrelated to Rachel Dolezal-spinning a remix of the song Blue Monday by New Order on an off night.

    Dancing on the empty dance floor I feel a sudden chill at the back of my neck.

    I freeze. The record stops mid drum machine breakdown and the lights come on.

    At my ankles was the bar’s 20″ or so mirror ball that had just missed my head by less than a couple centimeters.

    It would have been death by a busted nut–on a glittery glittery mirror ball.

    A super-freak accident if you will.

    Not to tempt fate, but if God did hate homosexuals. Why did it miss? Don’t you think that it would be a great way for a vengeful God to smite a Sodomite?

    Especially if mirror balls started dropping from clear blue skies…now that would make me change my ways.

  5. flooof

    Rod, that branch falling on your care sounds like you were a victim of racist bigo-tree. The whole thing must have had you stumped!

  6. andre

    First the bees, now trees? Rod gotta stay away from those double e words. watch out for chimpanzees.

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