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PG 2: Verizon Lady


Rod and Justin talk about Rod’s experience upgrading his iPhone and wonder if the Verizon lady was trying to holla at Rod. The answer will shock you.


  1. AJtheEngineer

    Bruh, she was tryin to holla. The key difference is how she backed off once Karen was in the store with you. She gave the less personal email address to contact her, but when you were in the store alone she was pretty ok with you calling her at home. That was a funny ass story, good pre-game episode.

  2. Anonymous

    The same thing happened to me at a Verizon Kiosk at BJ’s. This cute saleswoman put her number in my phone, gave me her card, helped me install apps and added herself on my snapchat. I’m so oblivious that I thought she was just doing it for commission but my co worker thought she was trying to holla at me.

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