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BDS 110: Celibacy Sex


Rod and Justin discuss listener emails, we objectify Serena Williams for a while, A Rod’s 3000th ball, Kim Hughes, Quarless, Swaggy P on Blake, DeAnge Johnson gone, black face at Wimbledon, Dwight baby mama drama, Draya fake engaged or nah, Ray McDonald charged, No Fingers League, Drake in the friends and family zone, Dalvin Cook, McNabb, Gabby messes up vacation, AJ Green, Maryland allowing alcohol sales, Marshawn Lynch biopic cancelled, TO petty, Clowney, Kevin Love, Udonis fighting in court, DeAndre Jordan, Russell Wilson and Ciara and this week in Mamba.



  1. AJtheEngineer

    I know its more work, but Rod I hope you post you and JTrill’s pre-game discussion before starting the show. Justin always surprises me with his intelligence before diving into ratchet shit and general lightskin opinions.

    I’m writing this on Saturday and Serena just won Wimbeldon a few hours ago. She’s the best ever, but I couldn’t help myself from checking out that white outfit she had on. Yall are right, its one thing that she looks so good but she’s also the greatest athlete on Earth, she is bae.

    I’m loving the Russell Wilson and Ciara story. When the news broke a few women I know on facebook posted how happy they were people were still living “in God’s way”…..Nigga please…..Russell can do what he wants, but cmon man you mean to tell me after seeing Ciara bust it down at the BET Awards he didn’t want to jump on it? Can you imagine what Sherm and the rest of the locker room will say to him? This dude is way better than me, go ahead brother man but I’m going to stay living the heathen life.

    I listened to the episode live and again this morning, I’m still laughing out loud at that Gabby and Wade pic.

  2. Animaine_Sparkster

    This abstinence talk at the end on the episode gave me life and a half. As a former evangelical Christian I can vouch for everything Rod said, and at the height of my Christianity in late high school and early college I was in pure hell. About 50% of all my kinks and freakiness came from finding loopholes to the “no sex” porn. Oh, and that self hatred was so real. Raging hormones vs Religious convictions is one of the greatest internal conflicts one can have. But that nut is gon bust one way or another.

    PS: The toemosexual in me appreciates the line about footjobs. I’d take one of those even without the religious tension lol

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