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994: Better Have God’s Money



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Rod and Karen discuss the real black ass truth behind Amy Schumer and appropriation, The Cosby Show, Jared, Netflix, a church bills a member, Young Thug arrested, Chris Brown’s home invaded, Duggars, Honda discrimination case, Cat Call Video lady suing everybody, Brandy, BallerAlert, husband exposed, cat from hell, mom let’s boyfriend move in with daughter, man kills mom’s cat and sword ratchetness.

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  1. datfoolamont

    OMG, that chuuuch segment!!! I’m at work with tears in my eyes!!! “Hold on… Do I smell nu shooz?” ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. ArrogantDemon

    I need to leave a nomination for a Tippy for minute mark 1:18:00-1:25:00, Bitch betta have my money

    You dont understand how I almost bought it laughing my ass off on the leg press. I had to buy the damn song off Amazon after this skit.

    How in the fuck you sending bills to the faithful?

    Anyways, great show, and thanks

  3. Chris from Hawaii

    HIghlight of the show was Rod’s sermon. He was channeling the spirit of Rev’un Ike and countless other old school preachers I”ve heard who be on that “prosperity preaching tip” while they trying to run their hands through your pockets. .

  4. Amani

    Looking forward to the all Kardashian and Amy Schumer episode and just make people come to terms with their pettiness.

    And for the record I’m not really disagreeing with people who think her joke was racist, but it is funny how much we’ll let slide for comedians we agree with. Folks let Louis CK slide on saying nigga and child molestation jokes in his stand up because they “trust” him. Meanwhile Schumer tried a joke that didn’t work and she dropped it, but because she’s getting hyped up by the white feministâ„¢ spaces that they already don’t fuck with it rubs people the wrong way. I’m not really a fan of hers either, but I don’t know what’s hard about admitting for a lot of people it just bothers them because they don’t trust her and see her being praised by groups that have shitted on them in the past.

    Anyway, great show as usual, and oh shit I see you out here upgrading the Site! BBHMM!

    P.S. Finally worked up the nerve to listen to the draft episode of Balls Deep as a Knicks fan. I feel your pain on passing Winslow. Still trying to talk myself into #DatZingis, good luck with Frank the Tank. Siiiiiiiigh.

  5. EvieE

    Poor Brandy. I notice she was singing the song from the wiz. She wants the roll of Dorthy for the upcoming live production of the WIZ on NBC so bad, she’s acting a damn fool on a train with people who don’t want to be bothered. At least Tyrese had a few people participate in his foolishness. Brandy, just remained ignored. Poor little Tink Tink.

    This was one of the funniest episodes of TBGWT. When Rod did his BBHMM sermon, I was hollering. I nearly peed my pants. You had a sista hit the donate button.

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