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993: Whoopi Whoopsie


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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, Gay News, Obama on mass incarceration, nuclear arms deal reached with Iran, TX not issuing birth certificates to Latinos, settlement from NYC with Garner family, Trump, BallerAlert, woman prints her own money, Jesus will pay the tab, gumbo fight, Rich Cox and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    This latest Cosby update made me recall something from way back. In the early 90’s I read Jim Brown’s autobiography and in it he talks about when he guested on I Spy as Bill’s childhood friend who was a hit-man. During filming Bill hired a prostitute for him. I mean, she just showed up at his hotel room courtesy of Mr. Cosby. Jim talks about how surprised he was Bill did that and I have to admit I was surprised to read it. Mind you, this was back in the day before the internet and I’d heard nothing about his predilection for Sharpering (or should that be Cosbying?) a woman for sex. That said, when this Cosby issue became major news, as much as I may have liked his comedy and/or shows I couldn’t delude myself into thinking he was “guilty until proven 100% innocent”. I mean if nothing else multiple allegations, proven or not is going to give me pause. If nothing else, I knew he did some of that shit. As the numbers grew I knew he did most of that shit. The people being blindly loyal to him are just being naive to the point of ridiculousness and Whoopi claiming that guilty until proven innocent position is just plain insulting to his numerous victims. “It may have been rape but it wasn’t “rape” rape? Uh yeah, she needs to get the axe from The View now because her views are becoming more and more ridiculous.

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