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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, Gay News, a baby is killed during a drive by, 50 Cent is bankrupt, breast feeding protest, California turns of water at beach, sperm cop, porn star exploits telecom mogul, twerking sex toy, Ariana Grande, Paul LePage, Amandla Stenberg on cultural appropriation, The Mike Brown exhibit, BallerAlert, pizza worker saves child, family kicks a girl out over pop tart, beer pong shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Amandla Stenberg was in the center of controversy four years ago when the first trailers of the Hunger Games was released. She was cast as a pivotal character named Rue. White people when absolutely nuts when they found out that this young girl was cast as their beloved character. Some questioned why this black girl was cast as their beloved Rue, some even went as far as to say they they no longer felt empathy for her character because she’s black. Others straight called this eleven year old child a nigger. Now here’s the catch, in the book she was described as a black child but because it didn’t explicitly say she was black, white people automatically assumed she was white and should have been white in the movie. They completely missed the fact that the district Rue’s character hailed from had a large concentration of brown people. But I say all that to say, Amandla, handled that controversy with grace then as an eleven year old so it’s no surprise that she’s still class personified.

    On another note, isn’t it ironic how white people love the Hunger Games but in the face of real civil unrest in our country want to keep the status quo?

  2. NuclearWynter

    My skin crawled with hearing about Ariana Grande licking them donuts and that was the only part she didn’t address or apologize for! She talking on and on about saying she hates America and Obesity and the food industry and her “poor choice of words”. What about you licking them donuts?! What. About. The. Donuts?! What is wrong with these kids?! How was the outrage not about her and her fool ass boyfriend smearing their nasty saliva across perfectly tasty donuts?! I’m fat and that’s what I’m mad about, to hell with America I hate it too sometimes….mostly cause of nasty people doing stuff like this.

    About that dismembered ass….I can see Rods point but is that much different than a dildo or a Fleshlight? They are all just dismembered pieces….though if I walked in on a dude with a fleshlight I would be cool. If I walked in on a dude with a gyrating dismembered butt wearing VR head gear….might have to leave.

  3. Kate

    50 Cent was already fighting a $17 million dollar judgement against him for a headphone deal gone wrong, now this $5 million dollar judgement on top of that.

    Chuck D talking about context but he compares a music producer to the star of a TV show. Those are two completely different situations. When I listen “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” I don’t have to see Phil Spector’s face.


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