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998: Hillary 2016


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Rod and Karen are joined by Sojo, Lady Buddha and Ms. Smart of the Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine Podcast to discuss the trolling from Sanders fans, Hillary in the news, Gay News, man slaps waitress, Stephen A Smith doesn’t get #BlackLivesMatter, BallerAlert, woman leaves kids in Waffle House, man returns money at Bojangles, man almost owns a home and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I have nothing intelligent to add to this thread, I just came to say that all those smart Black women on my screen drove me crazy. They all so pretty. I love the WWM ladies more than I do whiskey, wine, or moonshine.

    And the website redesign looks great. Peace.

  2. KingCole94

    Lol Yesterday I didn’t expect to see Rod on my news-feed. I’ve been an Insanity Check/TBGWT podcast listener for over 5 years, plus a Black Sanders supporter long before he ran for president. You brought up a good point to the campaign, that they should make Black issues a main part of their platform, and not just an accessory to other priorities. He’s from a 95% White state surrounded by other extreme majority White states, and while he has spoken about BLM, police brutality, reducing mandatory minimums, etc. since Trayvon Martin, it’s not a priority for him. This is going to show that Black people will back him *if* he cares enough to make us a main staple in his campaign.

    The main office in DC immediately realized your point and the anger of the Black Lives Matter activists, and started re-adjusting. Now about the white progressive supporters… bruh… it’s taking a while, but African-Americans working for his campaign are slowly beating your point into their heads. The campaign’s organizing day is on the evening of July 29th. Every Black man & woman will be telling each Bernie supporter in person what’s up. I think that in 7-10 days from now, you’ll see an extremely public shift in how the campaign prioritizes Black issues. The main issue here isn’t with Sanders, it’s with how crazy his supporters went. Sanders–while handling it awkwardly adjusted. He has already sat down with his southwestern coordinator (a black man) to organize an event geared specifically towards Black issues with people from all over. And I’m involved in a Baltimore event that will dedicate some time to addressing race as well.

    I do believe Sanders is the superior candidate on Black issues to Clinton because of Bill/Hillary’s support (at least in the 90’s & 2000’s) of mandatory minimums, private prisons, quotas and over-incarceration of non-violent drug offenders, the 3 strike rule, etc. Just wanted to let you know that the campaign is responding… and that you possibly opened a new “Black Relations specialist” position or something for me and every black person in his campaign lol.

  3. wudatw

    As bad as bernie stans are they do have a point there hasn’t been a politician who is willing to say no to corrupt money as he has. If Hillary gets elected she is gonna pander to the corporate prisons just like she always has when she wasn’t running for president and prisons for profit is just the new slavery.

  4. aznperson

    The thing is if Hillary is up so far ahead she doesn’t need to lay out her polices or pander to get the black vote.

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