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999: Bernie Marched Way In The Back


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Rod and Karen discuss more how the frustration with liberal white “allies” who want to silence black voices, The Cosby Show, Kendra Chapman, Trump, Meek Mill dissed Drake, Ghostface vs Action Bronson, diner owner upset over unruly child, drunk squirrel and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    So I’ve come around on this. Rod, you absolutely are a black leader now. Accept your responsibility. Because when I look at pictures of MLK and Malcolm X, I have no doubt those two guys would be cookin’ on black twitter hashtag jokes, even if behind alias accounts like @blackcanseco. Michael Eric Dyson soon will describe you as a black twitterary genius. Embrace your higher calling.

    On the condescending attitudes of Bernie’s white liberal followers (#NotAllWhiteLiberals, I know), its something that has been brewing for some time. I get a chance to go to some progressive events in the city from time to time, and a large percentage of them act like they did us a favor by electing Obama and now we owe them. To be honest, many of them checked out on Obama in 2010 when they didn’t get the public option in the health care bill. So the lack of self-awareness when they use arguments like “so you’d rather see the Republicans win?” is startling. Oh, like what happened in 2010 when liberals sat at home pouting because they didn’t get everything they wanted? In fact, Bernie running out on Netroots Nation is a fitting image for his followers because white liberals were the first to run out on Obama when things got tough. And when they flood your mentions with racism sounding like republicans, I can’t help but remember when they sounded like republicans over the health care bill. At the same time the Tea Party was attacking the bill as a socialist takeover, prominent liberals like Howard Dean were holding “kill the bill” campaigns. So they can rally outside of the White House, and boo and heckle Obama during health care speeches, but we can’t ask Bernie to say Black Lives Matter? I guess their causes matter more.

  2. kjdolla

    Rod and Karen, this episode this EPIC!!! Rod, your rant was great! Thank you for dropping knowledge on these Bernie Sanders stans! Shit is so annoying that at this point, they still do not get it and very likely never will. I guess they will learn when Bernie does not get the Black vote in the primary and possibly in the General. They gone learn today. The Ghostface video gave me life. I had to pause the show to go find the video and play it. It was every bit as good as you two described. I’m playing soul music if I do a diss video in the future. That shit was perfect. I love you guys and congrats in advance on show 1000!!!

  3. Dominosdaddy

    This episode was the epic cap to an equally awesome week. You not wanting to be an activist is like Karen not wanting to be a feminist. Just saying my dude. Your voice is a lot louder than you know.

  4. brandonisbmore

    First all Im so happy to see all the press you got for this and being able to promote the podcast at the same time as explaining your point. I was here for all the jokes and still love them. That being said its a couple concerning things that really makes this whole Bernie Sanders thing messed up. I been following Bernie for a while and he has spoke on racial things often and would “seem” to be somebody black people should find out more about. But there is nothing wrong with asking for more or to address different issues. Bernie for years have had this strong base of people but nobody took him serious as a presidential contender because he was considered a lone wolf. Somebody who does not want to play the political game, who says whats on his mind and because of that he would not get the support of the middle. As someone who has liked Bernie in the past its especially disappointing on how he handled the #BlackLivesMatter activist. I expected him to hear them out, address their concerns and make a strong stand on race. To make it worse the way his core responded to a simple response of do better is much more hurtful to his campaign then any thing you did..in theory. The reason why I say in theory is because to be frank I don’t know how much we matter to people who are running campaigns which is sad. If the concern is… If we talk about Black issues then people are going to dismiss us or back another candidate or if the concern is if we talk about Black issues “we think” people will dismiss us both are extremely disturbing. If Bernie is finally trying to play the political game and his people are telling him to somewhat dismiss some black concerns he is in for a rude awakening.

    I know that was a lot but your show brought up so many good points and you and Karen were on fire. Sidenote I JUST GOT THAT BEVEL DAWG!!!! LOL I used that #TBGWT promo code and it works great!!!

  5. Chris from Hawaii

    So many things to like about this episode. First and foremost was Rod’s rant at the beginning regarding the request for “discussions” and trolling by Bernie-ites (that might change to Bern Berns I’m still working it out). I’ve always been amazed with the “You oughta be glad i’m doing that” attitude liberal whites have when the people they’re “helping” criticize them. That rant was one of the best ever because it was so on point. The Cosby Chronicles were…well…never mind. Ghostface sending out some “ack-right” to Action Bronson(?)(fa’ real?) via video with soundtrack was epic as well. I think that was done in one take y’all. Ghostface got skills like that.

  6. Cappadonna

    Yo, that Ghostface Twitter Beef made my day!! He really did sounds like somebody’s Uncle Willy, complete with the lip smack! Yes!!

  7. Animaine_Sparkster

    Bernie better get his stans under control, B. For real, B. I want him to enjoy his summer but his supporters gon fuck around and get him put on punishment.

  8. rdmiller728

    Hey Guys, I have been on vacation and getting caught up on the shows. Karen, sorry if you have already given this information, but can you tell me what a Hoe Tap Nigga is???

  9. aznperson

    lol trolls know you are hurting so they troll you harder

    • rodimusprime

      I know what you’re trying to do but I won’t stop speaking out against this. I’m not hurt by trolls. I’m hurt by systemic racism that exists whether they troll me or not.

      • aznperson

        Well i am asking you to stop responding to trolls for different reasons than you think. Clinton and republican supporters want us to fight and they are pretending to be Bernie supporters. Its too easy to make a throwaway account and harass you on twitter.

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