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BDS 112: Pee Pee LePew


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener emails, Buster Barnett, Lauren Hill got an ESPY, pee thrown at the Tour De France, Arian Foster divorce, Space Jam 2 might star Lebron, Venus Williams on body shaming, Stitch Doran fired, RG3 shade, Phil Jackson being messy again, Cardale Jones on Twitter, Tomlin gets extension, Drake messing UK up, TO, Matt Barnes, Charles Haley thinks 9ers rookies should “act like white guys”, Justin Hunter, Ty Lawson was drunk a practice, Tom Brady’s Facebook, Shock moving, Stack Jack retiring, Ciara on sex, Glory was cheating, more NBA impressions and This Week In Mamba.


  1. Djordan

    the combined slander from Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, has awoken an agenda that has been laying dormant within me. Fuck Serge Ibaka. On top of his broken foot, and broken jumpshot, the man has broken morals. In the 2013-14 NBA Season he found a way to punch lightskin superstar Blake Griffin in the nuts, not once, but twice. Here are the clips below:

    First One (Regular Season):

    Second one (Playoff Game):

    Kobe’s comments:

    love the show, had to share this, peace.

  2. jayzfull2007

    What up Rod and Justin, I live on the west coast so I didn’t happen to see the news about Glory cheating before i sent the e-mail. Just was randomly thinking about break babies and she came to mind. My bad

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