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1000: Twiterary Genius


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. O4Soldier

    Congrats on making a 1000 shows!! Rod & Karen I found you guys 3 years ago and it has made work at my boring job bearable.. I’m ready for 1000 more.

  2. TanyaW42

    A bit behind, so a couple comments on recent episodes — on the Faizon Love fiasco — I was so saddened by his tweets on Bill Cosby, my boyfriend worked on the crew of the movie “The Perfect Holiday” that he was in, and he seemed like a good dude. For years I said his name was my favorite-sounding name in show business, “Phase-on Luuuuuuuuuvvvvee!”. But not anymore, that’s getting a trademark Karen “NOOOOOOOOPE!”.

    Just a side note though: the best part of that movie was sadly cut, Charlie Murphy played a hip-hop artist named J-Jizzy (really!!), and his Christmas song was “Bend Over, It’s Christmas” which was in the script and filmed but didn’t make it into the movie! SMH

    Also when Rod mentioned in a recent “Guess the Race” that the name Rhiannon is very similar to Rihanna it perked my ears up! My current musical obsession Charles Hamilton has a song “Re-Anna” from a mixtape supposedly about Rihanna from several years ago, and it samples the song “Rhiannon”. Link here if yr interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbNpe7wyeYI And though it features samples, Charles is a very talented musician, I don’t know of another hip-hop artist where their main instrument (aside from voice, of course) is the piano.

    Sorry if this was a bit long, you both rule(!), and CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 1000 episodes!!

  3. wudatw

    All stans will have their crazies doesn’t mean we have to change our minds about the person tho. I ain’t gonna lose faith in god because of westbro baptist church also believes in god.

    • ANDJK

      I hope this isn’t Bernie spam….

  4. ANDJK

    exactly rod on the all lives matter bullshit. This is the same reason the tea party is racist. They say they are about constitutional rights, yet when black people’s rights are violated, they are nowhere to be found.

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