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TNO 49: Diversity Is The New Black


Rod, Karen, Kriss, Sterling and Aaron discuss astronauts getting cosmic radiation, PS4 tantrum, Ava is out for Black Panther, female hero films, should Ant-Man be black, was Michael Pena a bad Latino portrayal, Idris in Star Trek, Man of Steel ending, Mile Morales, Michonne game, Tron 3 cancelled, Satoru Iwata, Wii U getting Zelda again, hacker gets off light, man when French scrabble and can’t speak French, China bans anime and DBZ memories.


  1. O4Soldier

    Can we get an Off season review of Bojack Horseman, please please please?

  2. locandloseit

    You are so right about Dragon Ball Z. I went to a PWI university , but freshman year the black students hung out in one person’s dorm room every night (video games, straight socializing). But I remember midnight was a serious matter. Video games were turned off. The room went silent for Dragon Ball Z. And it wasn’t just “us”. As I would walk back to my room, I’d past a number of rooms (doors wide open) and white guys tuned in to Dragon Ball Z too. Thanks for the memories…

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