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1002: It’s Not Because Cosby Is Black


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Rod and Karen discuss Bobby Shmurda, Bobbi Kristina, Birdman, Dr. Oz, Lena Dunham, 19 Kids and Counting canceled, too much boobies for the pope, The Cosby Show, we made a list for Charlotte podcast, politicians now talking about racism, burglar under bed, real life Dexter, drunk DUI check point, too early for garbage and sword ratchetness.

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    I can no stand Lena Dunham, honestly no other reason because of how her dry ass show gets touted and how white feminists say how great it is. That show is boring and it sucks. It doesn’t even have the rating to back it up. In the meantime really talented people like Issa Rae have to fight to get their projects made. She also comes off as super pretentious. White feminists will stan for people like her who bear their body but when Rhianna and Beyonce tweak they should be ashamed. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.
    I can’t stand Taylor Swift either. I haven’t liked her since Kanye interrupted her on the stage. She wore that cape of victimhood so well and the fact that she made Nikki’s comment about her just tells you what she thought of Nikki’s issue. Can’t stand her. Can’t stand her crappy music, her voice, her rat face and her mama for giving birth to her. Call me Petty Jackson.

  2. leroijeremy

    Hello Brother Rod and Sister Karen

    Greetings to my fellow descendants of the great kingdom of Egypt. I notice you focused on the “rape” accusations against William Cosby, a great BLACK MAN who the white power stucture is so afraid of that they will put this slow burning, 50 year activating, conspiracy to bring him down.

    You, my brother and sister, have fallen victim to the media manipulation that focuses on these bogus charges making us neglect issues that directly affect our community like the death of the sun. In about 1.2 billion years from now the sun will grow brighter because of the depletion of the hydrogen fuel at its core. This will result in increased radiation making the earth uninhabitable. So in 1.2 billion years life as we know it will cease to exist, but y’all be focusing on Cosby? But I’m sleep tho.

    Hotep Nigga #1
    Grand Pharoah of Sons of the Hotep

  3. braggm

    You all got me when you said the Pope couldn’t handle looking at those titties. I had a lot of other deep shit explaining how I’ve been enlightened at finding your show and my joy in discovering young black folks that are engaged and have taken to social media to spread their feelings. Not to mention that your efforts have brought fruit with many others replying and giving testimony to their appreciation of your show, but I made a wrong keystroke and all that shit went into the cloud. Never to be seen again. I’m old school, can’t express myself in under 140 characters, and really ain’t into the hip-hop scene. That means a lot of stuff goes over my head. None the less I get a big kick out of you two and can’t wait to hear the next show. Keep on doin’ it.

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