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1009: Corporacist


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Rod and Karen are joined by Bassey Ikpi to discuss life in Nigeria, ANOTHER Bernie supporter sends Rod an email, Meek Mill, Blue Bell is back, the real Cookie, Geraldo fight, abortion is a mens issue, Republican debate line up, Obama wants to pay for prisoner’s education, Facebook crackdown on names, groom sues wife, Gay News, Reddit bans racist forums, confederate supporters, BallerAlert, police woman threatens daughter with gun, man bangs dog, snapped story and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Animaine_Sparkster

    Damn it was good to hear Bassey’s voice again. Got me thinking back to the old days of TWiB (Blacking it up for those who remember). Yall even opened up with “Grenade” and I died laughing. Nostalgia overload. Now I’m thinking of all the classic moments, and I remember that promo video yall did for TWiB where you were portraying different sides of blackness and it ended with Rod in blackface and giant cartoon gloves. El Oh El.

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