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1008: Cecil Lyons


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss the latest black death controversy, Red Stripe, Rihanna, Taco Bell, Leolah Brown, Fetty Wap, Jared brags about sex, restaurant that banned kids, Jessica Alba sunscreen, making sandwiches, African amateur lesbian porn, Future mad, James Woods sues, Ted Cruz makes bacon, Windows 10 vs porn stash, Woody Allen, BallerAlert, old lady, drunk driving with daughter, man robs church during sermon, cutting the grass and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    While I do think race plays a role in why Woody Allen isn’t being ran out of Hollywood, but I think the biggest factor is rape culture. People just don’t give a damn about the victim. Though he claimed that Soon Yi and he began an affair when she was an adult, I’m not really sure I believe that. He and Mia had been together for years and he watched Soon Yi grow up. That right there is icky in itself.

    But the kicker is, his biological daughter Dylan alleges that he molested her on several occasions and no one except her mother and brother are standing up for her. Everyone has been calling her a liar and stating that she just trying to get publicity in the meantime Woody doesn’t have to deny a thing because everyone else is doing his dirty work for him. In fact several of his famous friends have publicly come to his defense, like Whoopi (of course) and Diane Keaton (who I lost a lot of respect for).

    It’s just like with what happened with Cosby. Even when 30 plus women came forward to say he assaulted them a lot of people didn’t believe them until Cosby said it from his own mouth. Unfortunately, no one will believe Dylan until Woody confesses which will probably be never happen.

    I hope Woody Allen chokes on a dildo. His movies suck and so does he. Molester.

  2. b8akaratn


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