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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. blupaws

    Hold up. HOLD UP! Tearing up wasn’t what I signed up for after spending the last 6 months with y’all. The topics you’ve discussed have elicited anger, sadness, and joy from all the laughing fits, but I wasn’t expecting y’all to tag team me into crying with that good advice segment at the end.

    Karen made some excellent points about how a father should love their daughter unconditionally and how a woman shouldn’t be taught to seek completion from a man. Then here goes Rod speaking on what I’ve been trying to get my mother to understand for so long: a sign of a well-rounded father isn’t solely how he cares for his children, but ALSO how he treats the mother of his children. Being a “good father” hasn’t superseded the fact that I’ve seen my father physically and verbally abuse my mother all my life and consequently made me feel inadequate.

    What really had me in my feelings was hearing your usual sign-off of the show, which I always thought was freakin adorable, but this particular time made me think back on all the times I’ve never heard my parents say, “I love you.” “I luh you, too, baby.”

  2. Teresa

    Whoever did that Mr/Dr Claw was brilliant! ROFLMAO.

    Perhaps Karen’s demotion was right because his doctorate was taken away in a smear campaign by Inspector Gadget?

  3. hirojashibe

    I think y’ll are on an email chain and that means you have to read pass it on you will get seven years of bad luck.

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