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1011: Crash And Bern

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, is confronted on the Westlake Park stage by Mara Jacqueline Willaford CQ over "Black Lives Matter" issues. She and another activist took over the rally at this point leading to the Senator leaving the stage, making his way through the crowd which thanked him for coming, and getting in a car and being driven away. Saturday August 8 2015,

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Rod and Karen discuss Bernie Sanders getting shut down by Black Lives Matter again, Trump’s misogyny, 90% chance of rape, catch and eat sushi, Cyhi Tha Prince dissing Kanye, AR-AB dissing Meek, period awareness, Cali prisoners get to vote, TX Voter ID laws struck down, Dr. Dre donating money to Compton, Uber background check fail, Kelly Osbourne, BallerAlert, zoo Tarzan, bailing out fiance, choking that chicken choker and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Rod, I’m going to nominate you for a sainthood. The fact that you haven’t blown up the Bernie Sanders Campaign headquarters after all the harassment you’ve received is beyond me because I have fucking had it and I don’t get a fifth of the crap you get from the standers. I see their posts on my business and personal FB accounts, my twitter account and if I retweet something I agree with from a BLM activist, they show up in my mentions. They’re like herpes, the gift you never wanted. Listening to your show is one of the few outlets I have in a sometimes stressful life, so seeing some standers in the chat room while the rest of us are just having fun was the final straw for me. Next stander that comes to me on some bullshit is getting a smooth cuss out.

  2. andbigdaddy2

    Karen’s rhymes don’t have to rhyme she is like O.D.B. She made me laugh so hard I scared white people in Publix.

    Tippy for best lyrics
    is the time stamp 2:13:56

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