What you mean there’s no TBGWT this week?








So we took the week off as you’re well aware but like always we stay grinding. First of all if you’re premium the RSS Feed password has changed again. You can find it by logging into the website and scrolling to the bottom of the premium page HERE.

Now if you’re not premium you’re still in luck because we have been EVERYWHERE on these podcasting streets for the past few weeks. As always you can find the podcasts below by clicking on the links or searching for the name of the podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Rod and Karen were on the Good And Terrible Show Episode 55

Rod was on Fiyastarter.com Podcast 196: No Sleeps Til Bompton

Download Episode

Rod was on Podcast Fandom’s review of Humans Season One Episode 6

Karen was on Podcast Fandom’s review of The Strain Season 2 Episode 2

Karen was on episode 168 of Beatin Da Block reviewing Sharknado 3

Rod was on What’s The Tea episode 105 Blacktivist

Download Episode

Karen was on What’s The Tea Episode 107 Say Dat Again

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We were featured on Best Of The Left Podcast Episode 942: Productive Progressive Infighting BlacklivesMatter at Netroots Nation

Rod went on J-L Cauvin’s Podcast The Righteous Prick Episode 190: Bernie’s Life Matters

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And finally for fans of the old days of “Blacking It Up” Rod gave TWIB a call to end episode 728: But He Walked With King