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1016: Women Be Talking


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Rod and Karen are joined by Maria Heinegg and Rae Sanni of the It’s About Us Podcast to discuss Maria’s comedy career, representation in comedy, then Rae comes through and we start talking Harley Dean, then we kick off the news with Drake dating Serena, Nikki Minaj, black women blamed for black men’s misogyny, BallerAlert, man shears off the competition, toddlers left at home, digging up date and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I really enjoyed this episode and loved Rae and Maria. Admittedly, I was only passively listening during the live show because we were cutting up in the chat room and trying to help Blaq Robb get Rae’s digits and I was championing the deliciousness that is Royal Farms chicken. But I always listen to the podcasts again once they’ve been uploaded on my feed to listen to anything I may have missed. Rae and Maria were a joy and I hope you have them on again.

  2. HC

    *Snoop grabs the mic at the Source Awards* The comment section don’t love Maria and Rae Sanni? The comment section don’t got no love for Maria, and Rae Sanni, and the It’s About Us podcast? Y’all don’t love us?? Y’ALL DON’T LOVE US??

    Seriously, I thought it was cool that Maria was comfortable enough on her tbgwt first appearance to completely be herself. And if you’re not here for random twerking to 5 star chick, Rae’s perfect impression of Yvette from Baby Boy, and Blaqq Rob turning a chat room of cynical racists into determined believers in black love, then what’s the point of life?

  3. DSatz

    Oh, boy, do I not agree with the two previous comments. I could hear that, with the kind of telephone hookup Maria and Rae had, they couldn’t hear Rod or Karen whenever they themselves were talking. And that kind of took Rod out of the driver’s seat sometimes. But the things the guests were saying were amazing and fun–or OK, a few were deadly serious–but always 100% worth hearing. The whole podcast was one long, wild ride and I loved it. Thank you to all concerned.

  4. Sounds-like-Ranada

    Came to basically say the same thing as Nakia, so now I’m just here to cosign. Ladies, please!

  5. Ladykia22

    Rod I love the show, and usually really enjoy the guest…but. Maria KEPT cutting you off, time and time again. Then she and Rae teamed up like a couple of 8th grade girls who didn’t know when to be quiet. They didn’t even allow you to get the news out or actually read the article about Straight out of compton before they started interrupting you again and again. I know they were having fun, but it was really annoying to hear them cutting you off so much smh. -Nakia

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