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1017: Urine Trouble


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Rod and Karen discuss the Cosby Show, some depressing Gay News, Chris Brown’s new tat, Amazon delivering alcohol, a corrupt police officer, Jared’s org didn’t help kids, Ferguson warrants, Ashley Jackson, racist restaurant, Ashley Madison suicides, white house fence climber dies, Campaign Zero platform, NAPA wine train, Yelawolf, David Duke supports Trump, MLK street, B.C. Johnson, BallerAlert, SUV killer, urine attack, wore vandal, Welfare stamp murder and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Matt

    “Release the piss”. Getting old must be tougher than I thought. I’m getting old. But I pray I never consider keeping a bowl of funky old piss on standby just in case a young boy happens by and” smashes my bricks”. Was the piss only to be used for that specific offense?. What is the shelf life of a bowl of defense grade piss?

  2. WriterChick

    I can’t believe that someone who is working as a journalist does not understand what gender neutral means or that these same grown ass people would be confused going into the toy section at Target if it’s not sectioned out by gender. I feel like whenever buying toys for children you should choose the toys that they want or toys that they are interested in. If you are buying a toy for a girl, and she is not interested in dolls would you still buy a doll for her to play with just because it is in the girls toy section? GTFOH

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