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Rod and Karen are joined by Nina Perez of Podcast Fandom to recap Fear The Walking Dead, black man shoots white people on live TV, Rader taking a break, Paula Deen dancing with the stars, Josh Duggar going to sex rehab after allegedly sexing a porn star, copyright chicken sandwich, church pedos, Florida woman hires a hit man cop kills side chick and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    The dismissive attitude you guys treat Trump news with is perfect, because despite what the media tries to insist to me, I’m not at all fascinated with that guy. Now if they wanted to interest me in a Trump story, they could do this: poll republican voters, both Trump supporters and non-supporters, and ask them if they ever in the last 7 years fixed their mouths to complain that Obama was arrogant or acting beneath the office of President, going far beyond mere policy differences. I’d love to see the Trump supporters be forced to tell on themselves, and even more, the other republicans would have to admit “ok, that’s what that really looks like to be beneath the office of the presidency.” I saw an article a couple weeks back where Glenn Beck (yeah) called Trump an embarrassment to republicans and proclaimed him the most arrogant person ever. Of course, Beck remembered the cash shit he’s been talking about Obama the last 7 years, and had to amend that statement to say that next to Obama, Trump is the most arrogant candidate ever. Not surprisingly, he contradicted himself shortly by saying Trump would be 10 times worse than Obama if elected, but the point is THAT would be interesting. Confronting people with what they said in the past compared to what they’re watching now. Reporters could just play that video footage on a loop while sipping tea on set, because I’d tune in for that. Otherwise, not interested.

  2. EvieE

    I enjoyed the first episode of FTWD. I must confess that I wasn’t a fan of Madison. I myself wondered if this would be the second coming of Lori, not because she was like Lori in any way, just simply because I wasn’t feeling her character. After listening to your commentary of the show I had to really think about what it was about her character I didn’t care about and whether I was being unfair. And then I remembered that the only other project I’ve seen her on was in a movie where she played someone extremely annoying and I was judging her through that lens. That’s one of the reasons I love the recap you do because it lets me see a different perspective and sometimes it changes my perspective not always because most of the time, I think we’re on the same page but the rare occasions I don’t agree, I always enjoy the recaps. I will definitely be watching the next episode of FTWD with a more open mind. Besides, there was a time when I couldn’t stand Carol on the TWD but one sunny stroll to the flowers made me a fan of hers forever. Looking forward to the next episode and recap.

  3. blktai

    I love the analysis and recaps of the FTWD. Rod is correct this is a family drama, a family living and dealing with real-life shit, on the edge of ZA. This fact, in my opinion, is one of the beauties of this series. I loved the pacing, the three dimensional relationships – yes a blended family is difficult and sometimes your feelings ebb and flow for the members in the family unit, and the drama of what lies ahead. Nina and Karen’s energy blends so perfectly with Rod, that I listened to the recap twice!

  4. fiainros

    I apologize if I have two comments here, but there was a capcha error and I don’t think my comment posted.

    Long time listener, first time commenter. I am super happy that TBGWT has resumed episode recaps, and is doing Fear the Walking Dead in the lead-up to the return of The Walking Dead in October. Episode recaps of the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are my favorite TBGWT episodes.

    First, I appreciated Rod’s analysis that FtWD is like a family drama meets the zombie apocalypse. I think many people who didn’t like FtWD Ep 1 are not fans of family drama and didn’t like that aspect of it. For me, I felt like the episode was slow. It seemed like they were trying to get all the character development we have seen over 4-5 seasons of Walking Dead into the first episode of FtWD, making it forced and slow. I also saw a few different trailors and teasers for FtWD and it seemed like I had somehow seen most of this episode, just not put together. That probably did not help. However, listening to TBGWT recap has lessened my dislike of the episode.

    Second, during the podcast episode, Nina mentioned Rod’s rule about black men with/without bears being good or bad. This is the first time I heard the rule. It appears that FtWD held up the rule, if I understood correctly. I also thought that Walking Dead held up the rule, which I tweeted. Rod tweeted back but I left the internet for 2 hours due to work and missed the conversation. (I’m sorry about that.) An analysis on whether the Walking Dead follows Rod’s rule would be interesting, probably because I’m new to the rule.

    Third, I want to know if you all think FtWD will be as harsh on main characters/group as Walking Dead. If so, the family will be decimated by the end of October. I’m half-hoping it will be and half-hoping it won’t.

    Thanks for the great podcast!

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