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BDS 117: A Cut Above


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Iman Shumpert’s new rap, Baylor player gets 6 months, Cris Carter advice, Adrian Peterson, Russell Wilson, Glover Quin, Gilbert Arenas, Dawkins passed, Mike Vick, IK hit a trans woman, USC bans alcohol from locker room, Kyrie, Ray McDonald and Brooks indicted, MLB conduct policy, Sugar Shane weigh in, Wade, Rousey vs Mayweather, MJ wins a lawsuit, universities fining players, Idaho helps players shop lift, women’s finals sell out faster b/c of Serena, Tim Beckman, Derrick Rose accused of rape, Nick Young cock blocking and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Goodell!

    I know y’all are going to talk about it, but this tea over here is so good! As much as I hate Brady and the Patriots for being the low-down cheating, dog avi of the NFL, I’m still going to party off of Fidel Goodell taking that L. Although part of me does wonder if it were Cam Newton and not the Golden Boy if so much of the media would be calling out the Commish on his Mr. Fantastic overreaches too. Still, it feels so good to be this petty!

    That’s why I wasn’t mad at Michael Jordan for that lawsuit. In fact he didn’t go far enough. I wish he showed up to that grocery store with one of those coupons to get his $2 off steak AFTER he took them for $9 million.

    And I won’t lie, the ass slapping got me to watch that Shane Mosley/Mayorga fight too. I was a little disappointed they didn’t bring back that first translator though. He was reminding me of Game Of Thrones with Missandei trying to clean up for that asshole master who kept insulting Danyerys. Still at least he didn’t have to answer to Mosley’s girl.

    Oh well, thanks for another great week and keep dunking on U-Verse for dropping the ball again.

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