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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. CallaBeauty

    Uuuummm, yeah, Maria and Rae were great, hilarious and had great points too! I’ll be checking out their podcast for sure. I hope you have them back on immediately. It was sad to hear the negative comments left about them. They CANNOT POSSIBLY have been from true TBGWT fans.

  2. Anarke216

    I thought i left a comment sometime in 2014 but i guess it never posted. yea yea i know, i fucked up right (do the voice Rod Please!!!). Anyway i found out this week that it never went through so i fixed the matrix glitch and left a new one. Thanx Rod and Karen for the show, the FB group and all you do. Keep it up. I should be leaving a non premium donation for once if i remember later this week.

    Thanx again
    Will O.
    Also Anarke is pronounced Anarchy.

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