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1022: Gold Pigger


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Rod and Karen discuss gay news, the judge who made a couple marry, rapey frat bro is an alleged rapist, women viagra is approved, racist chicken wing receipt, the Lox juice shop, Nikki calls out Miley at VMAs, Kanye wants to run for president supposedly, Pope allows abortion forgiveness for a year, Kermit stepping out with his new woman, Crissle delivers a live read, Slave Tetris, Idris too street for Bond, BallerAlert, road rage murder, Waffle House, bow and arrow and sword ratchetness.

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  1. sugahbabe

    Happy Anniversary you two! Karen and Rod, you had me in my feelings at the opening segment when you spoke about your love for each other. I was in public blinking back tears silently shouting: “Make it stop! Much too much feelings.” I won’t front, I loved it. #BlackLove #OneLove

  2. Mtalex

    Hey Rod and Karen I want to start by saying Happy Anniversary and Happy TBGWT Day!!! Rod I understand your feelings on the LOX playing with your childhood. I was born and raised in Louisiana (shoutout to the Who Dats in TBGWT land lol)and growing up I was a Master P fan, it shocked the shit out of me when I saw him doing kid shows and movies with his son, I was like that can’t be Mr. Ice Man lol. What are other rappers that play with your childhood like that? Ice T comes to mind as well. Sorry for the long comment – Loyal listener Mike

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