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1025: Are You Pressed?


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Rod and Karen discuss haters writing in, Jared, Jim Ardis, Kim Davis hated by Westboro, Jimmy Superfly arrested for old murder, disgusting Florida restaurant, Ben Carson on border control, crispy chicken taco, Kim Davis is Rosa Parks, confederate march, BallerAlert, bug on reporter, Blue Bell returns, man doesn’t want white people touching him, purse theft and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I know it sucks that yall have to sometimes stop and check the haters, but its work that needs to be done. I used to be the person who would see or hear a dumb comment and just stay quiet, but that doesn’t solve anything. In this age of over-sharing on social media it is still usually the people with the worst opinions who speak the loudest. I don’t jump in everybody’s comments, but if I see blatantly dumb comment that can be busted with statistical evidence, I say something. I understand people have their own experiences but that doesn’t make you the end-all subject expert, especially when Google is there for anybody’s research. I’m glad you’ve been posting the silly comments and emails that you and Karen have received so they can be dragged. And you have a great point, all the people who argue with you after getting kicked from the group make fat comments, instantly hate the show, and can’t spell for shit. It really says something about the listener in the first place.

  2. DaKcStork

    Deer Robd and Caren

    I just wanted to let you no, that I was laughing so hard at you breaking down theis pressed niggas that I woke my sun up. I blame you and you’re wife. I was going to give a Phive star review, but no. Since I am special, I think you to should do a less funny show. I also think their should be a cuss free version. Alright thanks for reading this message. I am off to shame woman so that they will accept my HOEtep ass.

    (soon to be the NIgga Nurse of the show) sept. 25th.

  3. Amani

    Let that chopper spray Rod!! But I did notice, you didn’t answer the question, why DO Blacks who view the races as equals while pursuing commercial success? No answers for that one huh?! Maybe we’ll just leave Karenas with that. Smh

    Bu I really wrote in about that baller alert with Karrine Steffans. What caught my ear was she was messing with Rotimi, I went to high school with that dude. He was a couple years behind me, so apparently she’s messing with them young boys now. Anyway because I know dude went to do more digging and see today she’s posting some status about how she’s just a storyteller and it’s all about what she can sell us so I think that Baller Alert might be true. https://instagram.com/p/7Uc7HMhoOO/

    Anyway great show as always, still rocking off that post-Beyonce glow. Hope y’all enjoy the holiday!

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