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1026: Janelle James


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Rod and Karen are joined by Comedian Janelle James to discuss her comedy career, her sketches, working the road, gender and race in comedy, Gay News, Celebrity Mamas of ATL, cruise ship suicide looks fishy, humor in dating, Hillary Clinton apologizes, Paula Deen, man tweets about killing all white people, Burger King masturbator, free holiday and sword ratchetness.

Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT @JanelleJComic
Email: theblackguywhotips@gmail.com
Blog: www.theblackguywhotips.com
Voice Mail: 704-557-0186

Nina’s Website: http://www.janellejamescomedy.com/


And they’re on Twitter: @ShadowDogProd


  1. TonyB

    I really enjoyed Janelle Jones. So chill and funny.

  2. pretty tomboy

    Janelle was hilarious! Thank you for introducing me to another female comic. Hopefully she will be back soon! Oh and fuck Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee. I hate when people use religious reasons to hate others. Mike used to be much more moderate years ago but was always ignored. Now he gets attention because he uses a greasy combo of religion, hate and Fox.

  3. AJtheEngineer

    Janelle was a great guest to have on the show, hopefully she’ll come back again since she had a good time. I wanted yall to ask her what her experiences on other podcasts were though, I’m sure that’d be funny to hear.

  4. Wlfgirl

    I really enjoyed the show as always and I really liked your guest Janelle Jones. Her sense of humor was great and a nice addition to the show. I too hope to hear her again sometime 🙂

  5. NuclearWynter

    Janelle was funny on the show! A great guest! Hope she comes back on again. I would love to see her set on stage. Oh and I’m watching that celebrity mamas show if for no other reason that to see Mama Joyce act a complete and total fool.

  6. ariedee

    Janelle Jones is hella funny. Glad to be introduced to her and hope she becomes a regular.That cruise ship incident sounds like a Dateline special. I hope it goes to Keith Morrison and not John Mankiewicz, with his snarky ass. P.S. Fuck Dancing With the Stars, Paula Deen and Kim Davis. And shame on ABC. Can’t write them off though. Gonna be watching Blackish, Modern Family and tired ass Scandal in a couple weeks.

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