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1027: Feminism The White Way


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Rod and Karen discuss the Cosby Show, Gay News, DMX’s son, judge lowers bond for rapist, highway shootings, McDonald’s markets, Seattle school teacher strike, Canadian leaders messing up, no death row drugs for Ohio, Freddie Gray settlement, wrongful birth lawsuit thrown out, Beyonce’s feminist tested again, BallerAlert, disabled abuse, tweet gets woman arrested, man stabbed by daughter raping Father-In-Law and sword ratchetness.

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  1. TonyB

    Bring back the memes, dawg

  2. fiainros

    I just wanted to thank you for covering the Seattle teacher’s strike. I live in the area, recently ran for a school board position in a Seattle suburb (didn’t win because I haven’t lived here my entire life, which is apparently a requirement for the locals in this suburb). I am really familiar with the issues you discussed and was nodding and “mm-hmming” the whole time. I was going to add some to the discussion, but Karen really hit the points that weren’t mentioned in the news and I’m already a couple days late commenting. Thanks again for the coverage.

  3. AJtheEngineer

    Firstly, that boy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. As a man you’re already working through your own privilege so you really need to watch your opinions and you got em all wrong. So Beyonce isn’t a feminist because she married Jay-Z? Boy stop. Also using big words doesn’t make you sound smart it makes it seem like you don’t want anybody to understand your point because it wasn’t good in the first place, but I digress.

    I can’t stand these white feminists who write these dumbass articles but forget that their posts and tweets stay here forever. I’m sure that woman tried to be all “I’m not racist it’s just my opinion” when people began showing her that old tweet of Rousey. Sorry, but you’re on record for agreeing with it when a white woman says it and hating it when a black woman says it, not a good look.

    I have one last important question for you two, have yall tried that new buttermilk chicken sandwich from McDonald’s? I keep seeing the commercial but roll my eyes when the white people say “its the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had”. But those black women on the commercial be partying so its got me intrigued. I like chicken. Yall have a great weekend.

  4. HC

    On the wrongful birth suit, I would have loved to see the reaction had a judgment awarded what essentially amounts to reparations for America’s racist condition to a white woman. The F*ckin With Black People game would have to be adjusted to allow scores of over 100.

  5. Amani

    I’ve read old boy’s comments on Beyonce below twice and I still don’t know what he’s talking about. Y’all were on it though as usual, and I’m tired of seeing whenever Black women are partying off of something white feminismâ„¢ and especially other black men try to bring them down on some nonsense. This woman was in love with Ronda Rousey’s speech when she said it, but Beyonce dares to play it and then she frames her as the problem with an entire branch of feminism? How Sway?!

    And as for the Facebook group, I know you didn’t want to have to restrict the memes, especially since it’s more work for y’all, but thank you. Even if people mean well to start, that’s the kind of stuff I blocked and unfriended people to get away from and just ends up all bad when they’re meant to get a rise out of you. Still, even with all that the group is the most fun I’ve had on Facebook in YEARS, and that’s a credit to both of y’all to cultivate a community that feels this close already. And them thirst traps… whooo!

  6. NuclearWynter

    Between white feminism and black patriarchy….we just can’t catch a single break. You have white women giving Beyoncé a feminist litmus test every time she breathes and black men using her image to shame her and blaming any black woman who isn’t a broodmare for “the fall of black families”. Both groups demanding relentless solidarity and work and subservience from black women while gleefully rolling around in privilege like a pig in sh*t. There a lot of people who are not interested AT. ALL. in dismantling systems of oppressions. They are hoping to make room for themselves and people like them at the top of the social hierarchy.

  7. Wonga_5

    sorry for the 2nd comment, but i got a quick Beyonce story. In 1999, destinys child came down to sydney & did a signing. my 2 friends took mine & another mates cd to get signed since we had work. so my mate took the cd & when he was up to get Beyonce’s signature he said she looked at him & asked his name & that she looked that good he forgot it wasnt his cd & said Peter. so our friend hayes has a destinys child cd that says to peter on the front hahaha My cd was signed by Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle. im glad peter didnt have mine.

  8. Wonga_5

    Did anyone stop & think that the reason he played all the instruments & stuff himself was because no one wanted to help him?

  9. Djordan

    oh, and that funky news theme is the instrumental to one of TI’s old songs, “Asap.”

    great insights in this episode, as always. peace.


    The point about Beyonce being a feminist and being married to Jay-Z, WAS about as anti-gynocentric and anti-hypoagency as most men in the rap game.

    Now being a wealthy businessman, no doubt he derives no benefit from going against the grain in that regard, but I’d be amused to hear what their conversations about such things might entail.

    And that article did not appear in HuffPo Black Voices…it was HuffPo “Women”.

    • rodimusprime

      I scrolled to the very top of the one. The article I saw was in Huff Po Black Voices. It may also be in the women section but the one I saw said Huff Po Black Voices in the header.


        No matter, it’s where it should have been, in the “Women’s” section.

        In any case, it would do well for most people to actually study Feminism. Beyonce is hardly a feminist, not merely because she’s not intelligent or articulate enough to speak to it (because she isn’t), but because she’s married to one of the most anti-feminist men ever and she SHOULD know better. (But you’d never get him to admit such publicly…and not that there is anything wrong with that)

        As black people, we have enough issues with immorality and a lack of moral agency in our families and communities. It’s good fodder for entertainment and enterprise, and as such I can’t hate on black bloggers and podcasters who have been able to use (via exposition and comedy) the ratchetness (wretchedness) and untoward ways of popular culture, celebrities, and dullards in the black population as a means to make an income, but messing around with filthy and unclean feminists is completely contrary to all of the things that helped black folks get over the stain and sin of white supremacy in this dismal country in which we reside in the first place.

        So, I’m glad Beyonce isn’t named – and hopefuly will never be named – amongst dogs such as these: https://youtu.be/IGarmqCQfXw I didn’t create or have anything to do with that video, it was shared with a group of men who share my values, so keep that in mind as you create your narrative from my response here. But I do agree with the sentiment of that video.

        But back to Beyonce…she’s the mother of a beautiful black child…she should wish not to be associated with any of the wretchedness of any of it, IF she’s supposedly the woman of faith that she has alleged herself to be. She’s a black woman, wife, and mother, who is trying to build a better world for her child and grandchildren. Damn that other evil mess. And it IS evil. PERIOD.

        I don’t hate on feminism. I hate on sin (or ANY -ism) that destroys black families and communities. We should stop following in the footsteps of demons and dogs in this country.

        I know you guys are atheists and don’t revere spirituality and religion in most cases, but there is a saying that comes from old school black hymns that says to this affect:

        “How I got over..how I got over…my soul looks back in wonder..how I got over”.

        Corny, I know, but nothing about the foolishness of feminism and other ungodly mantras got black folks to where were are today, but the ratchedness and moral relativity that we love to embrace and talk about is quickly going to take us back. That’s the saddest part of all.

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