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PG 7: R Kelly’s Subway Order


Rod and Justin talk about random stuff before Balls Deep

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    MAN yall said it perfectly about these women in college who want you to somehow wine and dine them with your on-campus job paycheck. I remember a woman who wanted to hangout with me and I was all about some “lets walk and talk and get something cheap to eat” and she was all “Walk? Talk? I wanna go to Maggiano’s.” Now the problem was that this was supposed to be just hanging out as “friends” because the lady already had a man. I peeped the bullshit and actually commend myself on steering clear, cause the lady was Jamaican and had a fat ass (you know what I’m sayin’) but I still didn’t try nothing. But I do remember having to tell her “why don’t you have your man take you out to Maggiano’s” because she thought going to the restaurant (and me paying) wouldn’t have been a date. Like Justin said, that ain’t the woman for me because she can’t listen….and she already had a man! Great pre-game talk, I can’t wait to hear the next one where yall discuss the facebook group.

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