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1028: The Oswald Bates Show


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. terror-lyn

    Man listen. Our band used to play that “Put it in Your Mouth” in the stands. The crowd would start singing and since I was the drum major our band teacher used to ask me what they were saying, I would always say I’m not sure. Told the band and flag girls to say “play that music loud” to get away with it. Eventually the football couches made us stop playing that and Outkast because it distracted our losing ass team. If only we were a little younger we could’ve played it off. India.Arie used the same joint to empower non-video girls.
    There’s nothing like a good disrespectful song to get you crunk. I love it, and that 13% that refuse to partake i’m sure need a good laxative.

  2. ariedee

    When that caller mentioned Marvin Harrison as a good example I cringed…And stop it with the “they were wrong, but”. They were wrong. The end. Rape and murder and deomestic violence are terrible. Kay? Thanks. Bye! And as far as the media’s agenda, he should be more upset about them kind of ignoring Bill Cosby’s penchant for drugging/raping women or OJ’s violent history (prior to a viral video & double murder forced the issues) because they were “the good ones.” Some are so concerned with perception, they miss the reality. Heathcliff Huxtable is a great fictional character. Bill Cosby is a real ain’t-shit human being.. Stop the madness people.

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