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BDS 119: The Next Guy To Date Jazmine Cashmere


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NFL Pick ’em, Slava Voynov, RG3 concussion, Jessica Mendoza, Cam Newton pic, Gilbert Arenas, Kat Stacks, AD, Moeller, Lebron getting people GEDs, TX high school players, Ciara, Brandon Marshall on race, NBA seedings, Cam Jordan, Jazmine Cashmere gone, DJ, Rex Ryan, AJ Green, Lolo Jones, Aldon Smith, James Blake, Rex Chapman, Markieff Morris, Thabo going to court, ripping the flag, Gilbert again and this week in Mamba.


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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J Drizzy.

    Goddamn! Team Lightskin was having such a good year I was about to just tap out and hand them the crown, but now Drake is out here jinxing Serena’s grand slam. And this is after he put the stink on Kentucky and the Raptors. If that Drake/Future mixtape happens I’m going to have to switch my Super Bowl pick to Seattle. Russell Wilson about to go off and give Ciara the Lombardi trophy for his proposal.

    That Red Zone channel is back dawg!! They hit up the octobox and it wasn’t even fair, the NFL is undefeated. Told myself I wasn’t going to get invested in the 49ers and just be a general football fan this year, but after a whole day of football, Monday night came around and had me crawling back like they bought all my clothes and games. Think I even tweeted Rod talking about what WE are doing like I’ve been watching game film. Like problematic music there are just some things I can’t quit. You see my boy Carlos Hyde??? Hell I could even overlook that creepy ass Tom Brady commercial that has him looking like he’s running North Korea. Anyway thanks for another great show, and hope y’all made it back to the gym this week.

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