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BDS 120: Celibacy Sex Confirmation


Rod and Justin discuss the NFL week 1 results, listener feedback, Arian Foster, Utah players get shot, Nick Young at the club, Warren Sapp free, Sunshine Lynch, Rondae on the rent, Voynov deported, TX HS players, JJ Watt, coach cussing player out, Matthew Berry, CTE in football brains, TO, Sherman and Bennett on Black Lives Matter, Patrick Kane, Kyle Flood, Larry Johnson, Austin Rivers, Ciara and This Week In Mamba.


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  1. Amani

    Justin bringing up these sore subjects asking how the Packers got Aaron Rodgers. That was the year the 49ers had the #1 pick and the whole time it looked like they were going to draft him, then at the last minute they switched to Alex Smith. Rodgers just didn’t commit enough crimes for my team to draft him I guess. He dropped all the way to #24 after people thought he was another 1st round QB bust coached by Jeff Tedford like Joey Harrington and Akili Smith. Yes, I have had ten years to think about this.

    Random question: Did either of you ever hear about the game The Black College Football Xperience? Apparently it came out a few years ago, but I just found out about it this week. It’s basically madden but for HBCUs and there’s even a halftime mode where you can play as the band. I would buy this right now if they had a story mode. Create-a-character and try to go into the financial aid office and see if you get your money on time. Try to find more than two Iotas on the line. What else would y’all put in a game?

    And I know y’all don’t really cover college football, but did y’all hear the rumors about Lane Kiffin? You about to get fired for messing with Saban’s daughter dawg?

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