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1034: Women, They Still Be Talking


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rae Sanni and Maria Heinegg from the “It’s About Us” Podcast to discuss kids calling adults by their first name, Bristol Palin, fake hate crime, were you born the wrong race, BallerAlert, shooting at New Orleans club, man makes a $1500 sandwich, NY socialite, a fight on a plane and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I agree and disagree with that Mommy Blogger. I’m not a fan of kids calling adults by their first names. I make my child refer to adults as Miss, Mister, Aunt, Uncle, followed by their first name, unless the adult specifically requests otherwise. So the title would go in front of the first name. Since when was that considered disrespectful? That Mommy Blogger wanted to pull a Shug Avery. “I’s married now” Seriously, her back has got to be straight judging from the stick up her butt. I bet she’s the house that gives out pennies and raisins to kids on Halloween.

  2. sugahbabe

    I gottta left in to shower love on my two new fave TBGWT guests. I always loved Rae’s vibe and candor and I love Maria as well. They sound like my friends and I when we’re trying to discuss really important stuff and always get derailed and it ends up in laughter. Lighten up folks. Let di ladies talk. I promise you, the world won’t end.

  3. ariedee

    I always notice when kids call adults by their first name because of how I was raised. As y’all mentioned, I’ve always called elders or people in a position of authority by title (Auntie, Uncle, Miss or Mister) and first name. Hell, I’m 35 years old with siblings that much older, and there are a couple that give me the side eye when I refer to them by their governments rather than the nicknames from when I was too young to pronounce actual names correctly. However, that blogger chick is trippin’. The example she cited was superficial as shit. Since when is referring to someone as “Miss Whatever” disrespectful? I forget if it was Rae or Maria who said she just wanted kids to use her last name so everyone can know she’s married. If this is indicative if the type of shit she talks about in her blog, the world is dumber for being exposed to her BS. Women with small problems stay pressed about dumb shit. I bet if you talk to other mothers in her circle, they hate her and her kids.

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