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1035: Negative Nancy


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Rod and Karen discuss Gay News, Erica Mena and Bow Wow drama, The View loses sponsors, Dylan Roof’s friend arrested, Ben Carson, Trump, Rick Perry, HIV pill price, Steve Rannazzisi audio, few cops killed under Obama, Viola Davis speech fall out, more arrest for Black Lives Matter hoax, BallerAlert and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Nancy Graham is the prime example of white mediocrity. When a black person does something extraordinary and is actually acknowledged for it, they get all in their feelings. I can almost guarantee that some of her butt steams from the one and only times she’s won a daytime Emmy was when it was a tie with the legendary Debbi Morgan. That in itself it a pile of crap because Debbi can act circles around this broad, so why did the talented black woman have to share her emmy with mediocre Nancy? That Nancy doesn’t even realize that is just another display of her privilege. She’s jealous because Viola is a better actor, is on a hit show, and people actually know who she is.

  2. ariedee

    OMG, This episode had so much going on, I was jotting down stuff on sticky notes at work!

    First, I hope that the 2 sponsors that pulled advertising from the view don’t come back, and are an example to other major companies so when the next fuck-shit somes, they will lose more revenue. This is the only way this show c an be stopped because being terrible has not affected it enough for ABL to cancel it. I’m not the type to call for people t olose their jobs (except Roger Goodell and Kim Davis), but The View is really just a petri dish of shit that I only hear about when one of those heffas or guest heffa says something outrageous and invades my timeline.

    Second, Steve Whatever the fuck is like truly evil. It was bad enough when I just thought he lied about the 9/11 thing on a superficial level, but to hear the detail with which he crafted his fucking story and discussed it was really eye-opening. The way he carried on with Mark on that shit is just diabolical and unnecessary. And there was really no reason to make up such a thing. If he needed to have an anecdote about what inspired hi, to quit working a 9 to 5, he could’ve just said witnessing that event with the rest of America was enough and it would have been just as good plus, you know, the fucking truth!

    Moving on, so it feels like, Black Lives Matter is the new “It was a Black guy” for White people pretending to be victims of crime. When I first read that vandalism story, I thought about that chick who drowned her kids and said she was car jacked by a Black man and the dude from Boston (I believe) who killed his wife and shot himself and accused a Black man, and of course, I thought of TransRachel. They’ve already blamed the shooting of an off- duty officer on the movement and idiots everywhere are blaming it for racial tension; as if all people loved cops and racism just started circa 2014. And people wonder why Black people get so angry.

    Wrapping it up, Nancy Grahn was in her feelings about how she’s spent decades as a mediocre, nearly irrelevant actress and got caught up in a hating moment when Viola Davis spoke. I’m trying to think of something she’s done besides play Alexis on GH, but nothing comes to mind. I’ve never even seen her on a Hallmark movie and it’s full of nothing but White women from day and nightime soaps. and while I’m on Hallmark Channel, it further proves Viola’s point. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that women of color don’t fall in love because Hallmark Channel debuts dozens of movies throughout the year, and the only time you see a Black woman is as a sidekick or adversary to the heoine. My stepmpm loves romance so she watches it all the time, and is always threatening to quit it because they never have a minority couple (excluding the vaguely ethnic) as the main characters.

    Anyways, sorry for the tangent. Back to Bitter Nancy, the thing that irritated me the most about her rant was her saying that the Emmy’s were not the right venue for Viola’s speech. I get so tired of the priviledged class giving under-represented and oppressed groups the correct “time and place” admonishment. You don’t get to dictate when these issues are addressed. The right time and place are whenever they have your attention. And despited the fact that a historically low number of people were watching (shade intended- I got updates via social media), the Emmy’s provided that attention. It made Nancy (and many more) uncomfortable. She should’ve been uncomfortable with the fact that in nearly 70 years and 1000s of talented and deserving women of color on tv, none of them have ever been propped up by the recognition of the Emmy’s, but no, she’s mad because she wants Shonda to give her Viola’s role.

    Instead of trying to interact with her, everyone should’ve sent her the “Are You Pressed” video. I know this was very long, but y’all just gave me so much good stuff! Thanks for the helping me through my workday.

  3. PositiveCalvin

    Hey Rod and Karen! First off, I’d like to say thanks for the excellent podcast. With you, The Read and now the It’s About Us podcast in my rotation, I feel like I’ve got an extremely potent counter to the bevy of white men in a room talking about X other podcasts that are just naturally in my rotation. Last night, I got out of the hospital recovering from a sickle cell crisis, and was happy to head home with a new TBGWT download for my ears to get some rest with…but hell naw. I had to create an account specifically for this episode. Literally every news story you two covered made me want to throttle the nearest bigot. It will never ever cease to amaze me how PRESSED people in the majority can get over the decent gains marginalized people achieve. Gay people had to struggle from being invisible to being classed as medical and moral abominations to being recognized as humans to gaining the right simply to just express their love and commitment but somehow it’s the straight white Christian taking up the mantle of the victims. The level of ignorance it takes to look at the history of LGBTQ peoples and claim that you as the literal majority in both race and religion in the US is being attacked or denied is baffling and I don’t know how people do it. Hell, a junk food company makes a pride line of chips and some people are reacting like there’s a gestapo at their door about to arrest all the straights to send them to work camps. Can they even see how silly their reactions are? How their vitriolic reaction to freaking chips could possibly unfairly color how they view the more important issues for the LGBTQ community? I’ll be happy to see the same people blow their stacks from that Chikfila news though.

    Also the Viola Davis story had me fuming just as much as Karen. Rod, you awoke-ness borders on the clairvoyant because everything you claimed about the General Hospital actress’s reaction to Patricia A. vs. Viola Davis was spot fucking on. Here’s a link for the record with her specific tweet: http://zap2it.com/2015/09/soap-star-nancy-lee-grahn-pans-viola-davis-emmy-speech-twitter/

    Just like you said Rod; in that woman’s eyes, PA = a hero and woman’s champion & VD = a no nothing who should shut up about her experiences with race. Again I can’t imagine being this disjointed in my thinking. Like this stuff seriously should be studied on a chemical level because it’s absolutely outstanding.

    Sorry for the long post. You two are absolutely amazing podcasters. TBGWT is a mainstay in my podcasts and I’m glad I get to laugh, groove and lose my absolute last nerves with racists, sexists and bigots right along side you two. Now to go expunge this news from my mind so I can get to calming down and feeling better. Thanks for all your hard work.

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