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1041: Bills, Bills, Bills


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Rod and Karen discuss Cathronia White suicide, Derrick Rose rape allegation, Matt Damon, Oreos, Whopper wine, Instapour, Tillie sentenced, black woman arrested for Youtube video, women kicked out of club for being black, Victoria Byerson, woman says kids have demons, sex in front of children, parents forgive murderous kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ariedee

    I think I mixed up episodes with Matt damon comment on 1040. Binge listening will do it .Anyways, I just wanted to say Fuck Fox News. 100!!!

  2. EvieE

    Fuck Matt Damon

  3. Sharizzzo

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    First off I love the heck out of your show (listener since episode 1000). I’m from Canada and let’s just say Black people are few and far between so it’s easy to get caught up in Whiteness. So podcasters like yourself really help me navigate my Blackness in this White space. I can now get mad at microagressions and racism without thinking I’m crazy and explain to people why they are wrong effectively. Racism is real y’all (worse up here because we pretend we’re all multicultural and whatnot).

    Anyways I just want to talk about what you said about scientists. I agree with the fact that scientists put a lot of work in their research and most of them are actually legitimate and have legitimate things to say. But I think it’s problematic if we give them too much power. Otherwise we’ll be back in an era of “drapetomania” and “female hysteria”. I think it’s important to keep challenging researchers about their research and making sure their research is transparent and makes sense to us laypeople. Unacknowledged bias is a huge problem in the scientific world and we need to know who the person behind the research is to know why they may think certain ways. Also the lack of diversity in the scientific community shapes it, we need to also take that into consideration when we look at these discoveries. But I also agree that “in my experience” is not a good come back to these scientists and their research.

    Overall, I absolutely love your show. Love your unabashedness Karen, and your humor Rob. Keep making your show eh!

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