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1042: Suit Dude


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Rod and Karen are joined by Reagan Gomez to discuss her career in Hollywood, her upcoming series “Surviving”, Supporting black media, #DeyWalking, BallerAlert, butt injection death, cooch 45, bathroom cam in church and sword ratchetness.

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Guest Website: http://reagangomez.com/


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  1. gatorboy_speaks

    Suit Dudeis a pimp…he asked about Doug’s wife’s body and he stated he is a seller. Nigga is a P I M P for sure.

  2. ariedee

    Reagan Gomez- YAAAAAAASSSSS! All the YASSES!

    Karen – If we are to call Rod Mr. Tips are you Mrs Tips or Mrs. T for short?

    Love you guys. Another week of fiya.

  3. Chris from Hawaii

    Another stellar FTWD recap and Reagan Gomez was an excellent guest. This is the only one the doesn’t spend the majority of their recap going on and on about he bad they’re telling this story, As frustrating as Travis is I can definitely understand him wanting to believe the government because the alternative is unimaginable. The inability of other reviewers to turn off their “well i’d tell the story like this” switch is laughable. That said, Daniel Salazar is already an iconic character both his and Griselda’s scenes were riveting. Great choice by the producers to have her say it in Spanish with sub-titles. The introduction of Victor Strand was electric as well. Can’t wait to see the finale and how it all falls apart and who adapts the quickest. Of course Nick’s enhanced junkie survival skills give him an edge but we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. hirojashibe

    The Suit Guy name Should be “SIR” because you know when things pop off he is going to be the Warlord of LA.
    Which I hope is going to be the direction of the show is the main characters do not get out of LA and we begin to see not only the chaos of staying a big city but the rise of Warlords ala The Governor but on a grand-scale.

  5. BrittnayJ

    I love Steven Universe too, Karen!!! You are right, the graphics and the stories are so beautifully told. My boys watch the show too. I didnt realize how diverse the vocal cast was, but now that I know. I am loving it more!!!!

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