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1046: Karen Hates Kids


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Rod and Karen discuss The Cosby Show, Gay News, Ben Carson, gun control, cop may have gotten away with rape, women give a note to table with crying baby, touching a black woman’s hair, Rihanna thinks Dolezal is a hero, NYPD operator calls cops on landlord, woman threatens to stab brother over bbq, Johnny Strange, hot grits crime and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dominosdaddy

    So that picture is so very funny. Karen looks like shes gives absolutely no fucks about the child your holding. I know that’s probably not the case bit it is funny. America breeds paranoia and unfortunately the guns are securely in the hands of the the people this propaganda is aimed at.

  2. Sterling

    Rod you’re right about this gun shit. It took me a while to listen to this episode fully because I couldn’t digest “no guns” as a person who wants to own a gun but the more I think about it it’s the only logical move.

    I used to make the joke “guns kill people like spoons made me fat” spoons ain’t make me fat but they made it easier for me to get fat. Guns making it easier to kill a group of people quickly, period.

    Also that Ben Carson impersonation was prettay prettay good

  3. rdmiller728

    So, I finally listened to the episode, and was only kidding when I said Karen hates kids – that pic though, it’s as if Karen is saying that baby is not nearly as entertaining as whatever is going on with her phone. As a parent and grandparent, I realize small kids should not be taken everywhere. However when dining at Texas Roadhouse caliber establishments, you should expect to see all types of parties including families with small children. As for the hair touching, I had an incident a few weeks ago where a lady reached to touch my hair, the expression on my face must have read as DO NOT proceed, she withdrew her hand with the quickness. (Guess the race). Thanks Karen and Rod for all the work you do for your fans. P.S. I am going to try AGAIN to leave a 5 star review. Crossing my fingers it goes through this time. (totally user error on my part)

  4. ariedee

    If you want a nice quiet place to have a meal, the best thing for you to do is stay your ass at home. Kids are gonna be kids, and soometimes, no one can do anything about it. The restaurant was in the right. I know it probably varies because it’s a chain, they’re generally very casual and have everything from loud sports fans to birthday celebrations going on.The one closest to me is routinely packed with families after a day of soccer or baseball at the nearby parks.

    I do think that parents can become “ear blind” at times and don’t realize how loud a child is, but if the kids weren’t physically in anyone’s space, I don’t think anyone had a right to confront the parents. There are times I’ve witnessed parents being inattentive and borderline neglectful. Kids have approached me in restaurants and stores asking for things or touching my property, with no adult in clear view andor close, but otherwise occupied. It’s uncomfortable and scary because I want to make sure they’re okay, but I also don’t want any issues from a panicked person thinking I’m trying to lure their child in some way. I always loudly say “Hello there. Where’s your mommy and daddy?” It’s my passive agressive way of telling the parent to come get their damn kid.

    The pictures of the people touching Black women’s hair triggered an physical and emotional reacton in me. My experience with this started back in high school. It was the first time I’d attended a predominanty White school and where I was either the only Black student in class or one of just a handful. No one has ever seemed so fascinated or confused by my hair until then. It’s the first time anyone asked how I “got it like that” or asked to touch it. At first it just gave me pause, then it pissed me off because I felt like they were treating me like an animal in a petting zoo. For those I became friend with, I’d try to explain why it wasn;t ok, for others i just cut them and made it clear my hair was a no-go. As I’ve progressed through college and adulthood, it’s something I still run into and I just get really short with people now because an adult should know that it’s not ok to invade another person’s space like that.

    Sorry for the long comment. So much to get off my chest sometimes. You two rock so much!

  5. rdmiller728

    Haven’t listened to the show yet, but looking at the title and the pic, Karen obviously don’t give a shit about yo kids!

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