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1047: Ex To The Next


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Rod and Karen are joined by Ms Smart of the Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine podcast to recap Fear The Walking Dead, Nicki Minaj NYT interview, school settles in atheist lawsuit, 6,000 inmates being released, BallerAlert, 911 call for no sex, divorce leaves man sleeping in yard, sex dungeon ring discovered and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Thomas

    I don’t think Travis was always an anti gun and anti volience guy. Throughout the season there are hints of a more violent past whether it be in gangs or issues controlling his angry. I would not be surprised if season 2 opens up with a flashback of something about this especially after that great ending. Thanks for all the great episode breakdowns.

  2. Sterling

    Y’all I’m so hype for this show! I remember when I reviewed episode 2 or 3 with y’all I said the only thing I wanted to see going forward was more Barber Nigga (now known as Daniel “Jaquain Bauer” Salazar) and we got so much more! Daniel ain’t at Rick Grimes level, he past that, he’s at Carol levels of trill.

    On top of that we got Strand, who might be the trillest nigga on the west coast. In my mind I believe by now in TWD Strand and Salazar have their own island they’re safe one, that island was once known as Hawaii.

    Also low key Travis might go full Rick Grimes next season, it’s lit.

    Another great week of shows, that’s for all the content, really needed the pick me ups this week.

    Sidebar: Rod I see you going for them Tippy nominations with them clutch Ben Carson and Strand impersonations.

  3. EvieE

    This season was pretty good. Once I took a step back and realized there is no zombie fiction in this universe and the character aren’t in the know like the audience, I was able to enjoy it more. It will be interesting to see when Travis will have his moment when he’s finally woke. Will it be a moment like Rick’s bicycle zombie or will it be when someone he loves turns and he has to put them down? I’m really looking forward to the dynamic between Chris and Maddie since he didn’t already like her very much and how he feels about her shooting his mom. I don’t think he’s going to buy their story until he’s been out in the shit (as Abraham would say) a little more.

    I also have a theory about Strand and very interested to see how it plays out in flashbacks. I don’t think that was Strand’s house or boat. I think he either knew the people who lived there or he might have worked for them. When things started going down he took advantage of the situation. He’s an opportunist and a hustler. He seemed to know too much. Plus how did end up in the military facility? It doesn’t seem like the military would have taken their brigade to that secluded house with the doctor. Maybe I’m overthinking this but I think is story is going to surprise us all.

    FTWD was definitely gave me the fix I needed while waiting for TWD.

    On a side note, I actually met the actor who plays Tobias and while he couldn’t give me any spoilers he agreed with me that Tobias could be this shows Morgan. He’s already a fan favorite and his last appearance on the show left it open to speculation about what happened to him. Nice kid. Hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of his character.

    Really looking forward to the Walking Dead season 6 premiere this Sunday.

  4. Dominosdaddy

    I am all for the High Seas adventure. Maybe some Zombie Pirates. Either way I like that we have a new story direction with a new group to watch and grow with as they deal with wrapping their head around the the very real “End of Days” that they find themselves in.

  5. hirojashibe

    Arr, Arr this is Captain SIR I am here for your booty and your women hand it over or walk the plank.
    I am all for the Fear the Walking Dead Pirate adventurers next year, but for some reason because Travis is on board I keep thinking of the SS Minnow and without the Professor there will be no coconut radios, telephones, or whatnot to get them out of trouble. But they do have a Junkie sooooo maybe some them will make it.

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