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BDS 123: Work Slutty


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the NFL recap, Listener Feedback,  Whitlock fired, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Barnes attacks Derek Fisher, Draft Kings, Louisville scandal, TX football, Kaepernick, Mallet, Booby Gibson, Greg Hardy, CC Sabathia, Victor Cruz’s fiance group text, Stephen A Smith responds to Durant, gay college coach, Thabo not guilty, Gilbert Arenas gun story and this week in Mamba.


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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Whitlock

    Did you y’all read the Mic Drop from Greg Howard on this beef yesterday (http://greghoward1.kinja.com/you-are-who-you-are-1736728519)? Whatever personal stuff went on between the two, he Micheal Eric Dyson’d him. And I’m glad he called out Whitlock’s sexism too, that has bothered me as much as his racism and there really is no way he WASN’T going to end up at Fox. He’ll always have a job as long as he’s willing to criticize black athletes, remind women that they’re only sexual objects and whatever else it takes to make white male sports fans comfortable. But at least call that shit out.

    And I needed that pettiness this week dealing with my terrible QB Kaepernick. He actually looked pretty good for once against the Giants, but then this dumbass comes out and says he doesn’t take his throwing mechanics too seriously. No shit! We ALL can see that Colin! Come on man, just go apologize to Cam and get this Black QB voodoo taken off. Why do you think they stopped bringing up him being a biracial kid from Wisconsin and his nice, adopted white parents lol. We already saw how powerful it is with Rod just mentioning he liked Tyrod Taylor, he immediately goes 0-2 and gets hurt. Do the right thing.

    Oh well, still a better week than Klay Thompson getting busted cheating. Peace guys

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