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1049: The Popeye’s Organization


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Rod and Karen are joined by Andy and Randolph of the Three Guys On Podcast to discuss Greg Hardy, Matt Barnes, The Cosby Show, Creflo Dollar, Ben Carson, Scarface, toxic foam in India, Raven Symone, Million Man March, balleralert, police chase dog, acid reflux and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    The crossover shows with Three Guys On are always my favorite and this one didn’t disappoint at all. I was glad Andy and Randolph (Tim Miller lives) were there to comment on the Raven Simone dumbass-ness. I’m with yall, this female (yea I said it) automatically gets a 100 for fuckin with black people anytime she opens her mouth. How are you going to have pink hair and a “ghetto” name yourself but discriminate toward others? Also, I hate the fact that she said “let’s call it discriminatory not racist” ummm girl it is racist. Because we all know that when people hear a name like Cucumber they don’t think of a negative lifestyle. But when you have a Lamar or LaShonda the general view is that they’ve gotten into some shit that makes them less desirable for the job. So at the end of the day it’s that old trope of if you black you must’ve been up to no good, nevermind your qualifications. And then she goes on to say she got some inception shit going on and she was hacked? Girl bye, she’s in the pot with Zimmerman and Don Lemon.

  2. Amani

    I’m glad you guys covered the Greg Hardy and Matt Barnes stuff on the main show because really they parallel so many of the other stories we deal with everyday. People like to act like athletes, or celebrities in general are somehow different than every other human being on the planet and play them by a different set of rules. In no other arena in life would a grown man driving to his EX-wife’s house, spitting in her face and beating up the guy she’s with be seen as funny. And I’m a fan of this show, so it’s not like I can’t laugh at a joke if it’s there, but the way so many people in the media especially are treating the whole thing without any empathy like it’s a sideshow is crazy to me.

    At least with Greg Hardy people realize how he acted was wrong. Well everyone but the Cowboys. And their silence is an even bigger problem. The fact that Jerry Jones just shrugged feels like tacit approval of Hardy and in a lot of ways it’s the people that just stay silent and let’s this kinda thing go that hurts the most. Even when Rod talked about Lamar Odom on the Nerd Off and that asshole on your e-mail list, it was just as messed up that no one else spoke up about it until you threatened him with the real power your job has. That whole exchange bkew my away coming from friends and not just random strangers. When you just sit there and let this stuff cook, that’s even more disappointing to me at least than somebody saying something crazy. And I love Karen driving that point home. The Cowboys, NFL, or any organization can’t stay silent on issues that matter and demand people’s money while expecting them not to speak up either.

    Anyway, appreciate the show as always. There’s a reason I’ll put your coverage up against anybody’s. Y’all are doing the damn thing and we love you for it!

  3. Matt

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I’m a regular listener and try to keep up to speed but it’s hard as a MF to listen to several hours damn near every day as my real world shit keeps getting in the way of my #TBGWT show time. I left a five* review on both iTunes and Stitcher and I’m not sure if either of them made it to its intend target. I hope so.
    PS Bobby Smhurda just has to wake up and realize that drug trafficking and weapons violations are actually against the law. They may not be “our laws” but “our laws” don’t really count in a court of law.

  4. timdodd

    I am one of the fans of the show that doesn’t know a lot about sports but really enjoys Balls Deep Sports, so I definitely didn’t mind the sports talk. In fact, I really thought this was one of those free premium episodes y’all sometimes put out until you did Baller Alert. To the fans, if you don’t subscribe to Balls Deep Sports already and you liked the sports talk, GET ON IT!

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