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1050: PopeEye’s-Gate


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Rod and Karen discuss Million Man March, Karen’s IT issues, PopEye’s story with Carson, Black Coffee, Halloween, gun stuff, Quaid back, Azaelia on Nikki Minaj, Bristol Palin, Obama Back to Back, Raven Symone, white terrorist indicted, BallerAlert, preiscope DUI, Maine man, mascot thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Rod your words on the Million Man March were perfect. All summer long I’ve had arguments with my black friends over the usefulness of social media and the Black Lives Matter movement. Usually the argument goes into the direction of “well I don’t think they should’ve vandalized anything and maybe the message would be perceived better.” That sentiment usually has me giving the Martin screw face. I keep trying to tell them that there’s dozens of stories about police brutality, discrimination in courts, and other incidents that never make it to the news because people peacefully protest. But let a CVS burn down or a cop get hit with a paper cup and the media is all on it. Also, most of these people arguing with me do a fraction of the research that I’ve done, so I loved this week when you said it’s ok to be low information be you also need to be low voiced in your damn opinion.

    As a gun owner it hurt to hear your idea that we need all guns taken away. Not because I disagree with you but because you’re right. I’ve been trained and practiced with firearms since I was a child due to my dad (ex-military) but I realize now that I’m the exception. You are never supposed to fire on a target unless you know what it is, but how many stories have you and Karen covered where somebody pops shots off before even knowing whats around the corner? This goes for the police too, many stories we hear about shootings by the cops comes down to the cop firing before fully accessing the situation, which is just bad practice and showcases their lack of ability and responsibility. But we live in a world where dudes can play Call of Duty and then go get the guns they see WITHOUT ANY TRAINING OR REGISTRATION. It’s all a big mess. And unfortunately in this country the moderate and responsible gun owners are not going to be heard over the people wanting to give guns to kindergarten teachers. So while it hurts to say it, Americans really shouldn’t be allowed to have guns anymore because we’ve done a terrible job with the responsibility.

  2. ariedee

    The deafening silence on the Million Man March is very disheartening as a black person. We so rarely see any postive images of our community in the mainstream meadia unless it’s celbrity or sports-drive. I only knew about it because of friends and family back east posting on Facebook and Instagram. And even then, I only found out the morning of the event. There was absolutely nothing leading up to it that I heard of it. Maybe because I’m on the west coast, but I remember the buildup 20 years ago being much larger and I have family and friend in the DMV area so it’s very strange that I knew nothing. The moring after, there were exactly two stories in my news feed from the original source (not shared by a friend, just an outlet I follow directly). Shit like this is why riots happen. We have to “act up” in order to call attention to things that matter to us, then we get labeled as lawless and violent.

    Ben Carson’s story never held water in my view. I saw lots of people calling him out because he’s a vegetarian, but nothing about his story made sense. He didn’t even sound comfortable saying the name first of all, and then we haven’t heard of an employee or fellow patron that was there during that night. An armed robbery is sort of a big deal and something that I’m sure most people would remember quite easily. Where is this cashier that he directed the guy to? And I have watched stories where they play 911 cals from the 80s, where the hell is the call or transcript from this incident? It nshouldn’t have taken days to expose his probable lie. Plus he’s politician and Republican, They love to spout lies off all the time, even when there are facts that prove them wrong (climate change, Planned Parenthood supposedly harvesting live baby tissue, Obamacare is a failure). We should never take any of them at their word. But he’ll talk more about guns and all the crazies will love him more. The Presidential race is a shit show right now on the conservative side.

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