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1052: Heath’s Hair


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Rod and Karen are joined by Leonard Brothers of The Look And Listen Podcast to recap The Walking Dead, black Florida teacher, BallerAlert, breast feeding child porn, football player corkscrews another player, elderly abuse and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Great recap and LB was a great guest, I’m glad Walking Dead is back and we can talk about these privileged Alexandrians. I wanted to ask you two if you think Rick’s plan to move the walkers from the quarry was good? What would you guys do differently if you two were in Rick’s place?

  2. hirojashibe

    I am on #TeamMorgan / #SuperiorBlackMan things are going get a bit frosty for Rick because of his indifference to help the Alexander people learn to fight zombie. Not that I do not think that Rick is wrong, I do believe a lot more people are going to die this season because the Alexander people have proven themselves to be completely useless, so I have decide to stock up on Kleenex, because a horde is coming and it is not looking good for anyone.

  3. ariedee

    Is it wrong that I laughed immediately when Rod read the initial headline about the Florida teacher? I died and drooled a little bit.

  4. EvieE

    I can understand why people don’t trust Enid. She’s very secretive but personally I think she’s someone who kind of views people of Alexandria kind of the same way that Rick and his team do. Remember that she was somewhat new to that group as well. I believe they mentioned her parents being dead. So she’s been out there and she ca’t believe how naive these people are. She probably doesn’t want to pretend that everything is okay when it’s not. I think that’s why she connected to Carl. He’s the first woke teenager she’s seen in a long time.

    I’m really really really scared for Glenn. There was just way too much foreshadowing in this episode. The fact that they sort of hinted that Maggie may be pregnant and how people keep talking about his kind nature and giving people second chances. I hope I’m wrong because Glenn is a beast and a valuable member to the team. I just feel like that the NIcholas decision will come back and bite him in the ass.

    I hate Jessie. Not because of anything she did. She didn’t do anything wrong actually. She basically represents the fact that Richonne shippers won’t get to see Rick taste that sweet sweet chocolate. Plus it looks like Michonne likes the brothas. Oh well, here’s hoping my Daryl and Carol ship happens.

    I wonder how the people of Alexandria are going to react to Carters death and that Rick had to put him down. You know hating ass Ron is going to have something to say about it.

    Great review of the show as always.

  5. rdmiller728

    I noticed how bad it was. But was not bothered. Just thought Dr Dre wearing Easy’s wig.

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