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TNO 51: Someone Help Xander


Rod and Kriss talk Destiny, Walking Dead Season 2, Sunset Overdrive, Gotham, Dusk Till Dawn the TV series, NY Comicon, Ronda wants to be Captain Marvel, Y the Last Man TV series, Fantastic Four rumor squashed, X-men related shows coming to TV, Manu Bennett, Xander, Death Note casting American version, video game voice actors may go on strike, MacGuyver and Lethal Weapon getting TV shows and naming heroes of color.

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  1. Amani

    Rod is lowkey is a diabolical genius for that Black Lives Matter game. Just the lack of empathy that so many people have would get exploited the second they made all the right choices in the game and still end up assaulted by the cops. The white tears complaining to Telltale that the game was rigged would be enough, even if only to produce the best “No Shit Sherlock” faces.

    Did any of you read that Kotaku article on Black video game characters last week (http://kotaku.com/the-natural-the-trouble-portraying-blackness-in-video-1736504384)? If not, it’s probably too long to read on-air but basically breaks down the struggles finding a fully developed Black main characters from even a decent looking fade to the lack of characters themselves. They did mention Lee, the best black father this side of Joe West but who are some of your favorite Black characters?

    And as I’m about to hit post I realized y’all are probably going to be talking about Star Wars on the next episode. Dawg how good has John Boyega been?! Between his reaction video and “How’s that other agenda doing?”…. might be my new favorite. Went back and re-watched Attack The Block in time for Halloween, still so good. Black Jedi? Allow it.

  2. rogersjtre13

    wait so you guys are so offended by video game outfits you wont play a great game… Did you hate bayonetta, will you refuse to play bayonetta 2 when it comes out…its getting a little ridiculous this ultra sensitivity… its a goddamn videogame!

    • rodimusprime

      Kriss said he played the game and it was good but the outfit was still wack. What more do you want from us?

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