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1058: The Tipping Point


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Wonga_5

    the tipping thing is confusing when i go over to the states. gotta try figure out who to tip & who you dont & what amounts or if its already included. down here they get paid & a tip is left if you felt you had a good time there, its something that is relied on.

  2. Dana White (dswhite7@twitter)

    Rod, it’s hilarious to me that people came in your mentions with the “not ALL white people” when you said you were done with your White Friends after they showed themselves. My fiance is white, my mom is white–heck, I guess you could say that I’M white–and I never for a minute thought that I should drop a #notall bomb on you about it. First of all, it’s OBVIOUSLY not all white people, because my mom is even more of a down radical than I am, but you don’t know my mom, so what does that matter? I’m quick enough to realize that you aren’t talking about people you don’t know. Second, your story was enlightening to me because I’ve been fortunate to live in more liberal spaces (although going to Chicago from L.A. was lke walking into an Eyes on the Prize documentary; I was like, “WHY is every service worker black and only black? is this some kind of Baby Boomer Westworld? Where is Yul Brenner [#bae]?”). .

    ANYWAY, I’ve been fortunate to live in more liberal spaces and while I have had White Friends with Unexamined Privilege and downright Oops Didn’t Know You Were A Racist White Friends, I’ve been mostly able to guide the former into the path of the lord and leave the latter to the devil. But even in those progressive spaces it’s rare to meet a White Friend who’s woke from jump. In a more conservative area like the South. . .man, you and Karen must have put up with so much daily. White people could do with a little damage to their collective reputation, honestly. Don’t be so quick to jump to their defense! We gotta get to parity somehow.

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