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1059: Frumpy Ass


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Rod and Karen discuss Bobby Shmurda, prison phones, death penalty news, Freddy Gray’s mother attempts suicide, TX flooding, hwy patrolman steals pics, restaurant news, Yung Berg, Meek Mill, Lena Dunham getting a podcast, Uverse losing customers, Lark getting a divorce, Terry Crews and his wife abstinence, powerball winner back in news, Tarantino, Mackie back, BallerAlert, fake news story, Facebook attack, toilet pedo, making son drink to death and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I couldn’t agree with Karen more about Lena Dunham. She is queen of the basic bitches. I hate that she gets touted for being so brave and bold for taking her clothes off when Beyonce gets put down for shaking her butt. I tried watching her show Girls to see what the hype was about and I didn’t last the entire episode because it was so boring and dry and I wasn’t interested in seeing her saggy titties. The ratings for that show aren’t even that great but let that be Issa Rae’s upcoming show with those same ratings, HBO will cancel it in the a heartbeat.

    Hearing the story of Terrell Jones’ two left Jordans broke my heart. I knew that brotha had to be in a lot of pain from some of the outlandish things he’s says on BA. I think someone needs to give that dude a hug. And a Jordan for his right foot.

  2. fiainros

    Thanks for keeping the tipping in restaurants topic going. I’ve appreciated your discussion and the points you bring up. Most people who have never worked in the restaurant industry do not know about the wait staff tipping the non-wait staff out of their wages. I learned it when I was a bus boy at age 15 and one of the waitresses who’s section I was clearing tipped me. I tried to keep it up when I became wait staff.

    As for restaurant workers going to work sick, of course they do, for all the reasons you discussed in the podcast. One summer, I got very sick with a sustained 104 degree temperature, strange rash, and couldn’t get out of bed. When I went to the doctor and brought a doctor’s note to my manager that I couldn’t work, I got in lots of trouble. I missed over a week of shifts. I’m lucky I had a job when I recovered.

    As for the “cash off the table,” I don’t know why that reason for raising wages and getting rid of tipping is given all the time. We live in a digital world. 15 years ago, credit cards were at least half of how the bills were paid. I had to claim all credit card run tips because there was a “paper trail.” I would expect card transactions are more like 95% of the way customers pay bills in today’s restaurants, depending on restaurant rating.

    As for the service being linked to tips, some people just don’t tip well. I won’t go out to eat if my father-in-law is paying the bill because he tips 10% if he has good service. I had to retrain my husband on tipping because his dad just doesn’t have a clue. I tried explaining it, but he just doesn’t get it. And it’s laughed off in the family as cheapness. Uh, no. I tip 20% minimum, regardless of service.

    Karen, I completely understand your flashbacks to bad restaurant jobs. I’ll listen to you list grievances all day any day.

  3. darkvarg

    Man i enjoy reminiscing about Nice and Smooth as they were one of my fav growing up.. i don’t know if you remember but they had a cameo in the movie Strictly Business with Hale Berry and Tommy Davidson and Smooth almost got in a fight with Tommy Davidson’s character and i think he talked normal. lol

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