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New Guest Spots And RSS Feed Password Changing

First of all premium people the RSS feed password is changing. Also there is no an RSS feed specifically for Balls Deep Sports. We’ll be rolling out some more individual RSS Feeds for shows as time allows.

Also, we did some more guest spots. As always you can find these podcast on iTunes and Stitcher by searching their names or just click on the links below.

Rod was on the Righteous Prick podcast with J-L Cauvin Episode 190 – Bernie’s Life Matters with The Black Guy Who Tips:

Download Episode

Karen was on Whiskey Wine and Moonshine Episode 112: Where The Ladies Dwell

Download Episode

Rod was on the Mundane Festival Podcast with Chris Lamberth Episode 133: Rod Morrow

Download Episode

Karen was on the Interracial Jawn Podcast Episode 64: Nosy Neighbor & Black BBQ’s

Rod was on Movie Trailer Review’s Insanity Check Podcast Episode 500: Cosby Ain’t Your Dad, The Huxtables Ain’t Your Family

Download Episode


  1. AkaDimiX

    What is the actual RSS feed URL? I have never been able to find it?

    • rodimusprime

      If you’re premium log in and go to the bottom of “theblackguywhotips.com/premium” page. It’s there at the bottom.

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