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1061: Comply Or Die


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Rod and Karen discuss Spring Valley High School fall out, leggings hater, prison drone, American Egg Board CEO, London coffee shop name, Domino’s pizza cars, certificate of purity, Ben Carson, BallerAlert, woman attacks meter reader, woman crashes her boyfriend’s date, woman lights herself on fire and sword ratchetness.

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  1. DSatz

    The CNN coverage gave me flashbacks to what happened to Sandra Bland. The commentators talked as if a police officer already has you under arrest as soon as he merely thinks he could arrest you. It’s completely a matter of his state of mind according to them. The officer doesn’t have to tell you the cause, or even that an arrest is occurring. But from that moment on, everything he says is a “command,” and you have to “comply” or risk violent assault. And then you get taken to jail and charged with “resisting arrest,” even if there’s no other charge that they can make against you.

    I don’t have any amusing remarks that I can make about this. I’m just horrified for the victims. And thank you for pointing out the CNN coverage, even though it was pretty sickening to hear.

  2. Jonathan

    I tried to calm down about the Spring Valley incident, Don Lemon, Raven, and these hotep assholes but it’s days later and that isn’t happening. There is a layer cake of fuckery here. Sorry in advance for the long rant.

    First, the teacher called for the in school cop to deal with a student who wasn’t participating but was on her phone. Whatever happened to telling a student to see you after class? I was thinking the teacher should have gotten fired before I found out the girl’s mom and grandmother died not too long ago. Now I’m thinking the school administration may have to be put out on the street as well.

    Second, I didn’t see a gun or active violence except from the police officer. Force has to be limited and used only when necessary. If the key to good police work – as the FOP and hotep niggas say – is force and immediate compliance, save the tax dollars and deputize the local gangs.

    Third, Karen is right. When a Black man is killed black men are all “fuck what happened before the tape.” When it is a Black woman they are all, “you know she deserved it.” The truth is, to the White men who run most of the culture violence against the “other” is justified by their otherness. Violence against Black men is justified since they are Black. Violence against women is justified since they are women. Violence against Black Women is doubly justified. Black men cling to the hopes of respectability and a Mad Men view of gender relations.

    Basic human respect is a birthright not a part of the Steve Harvey collection. Black woman did and are doing a hell of a lot of work for Black advancement while these dear brothers are talking about what clothes they have on. Read a book and put down the pamphlets and the Wonder Woman bracelets.

    Finally, to anyone who said “we don’t know what led up to this” some advice, never breed.

    Thank you, and great show as usual

  3. J-Full

    I’ve had to block so many people on FB about this Spring Valley incident. And almost all of them were black men. Idk why black men REFUSE to stand up for Black women. And then when you call them out on it they accuse you of only standing up for BW to get some pussy. Which is preposterous. Why can’t i just be standing in solidarity with them because it’s the right thing to do? It’s so frustrating.

  4. uaintgottheansa

    CAN WE GET DON LEMON TF UP OUTTA HERE?! What do we need to do yall?! Raven hyphen alternate spelling of “Simone” had the nerve to say that the girl was wrong and she shouldn’t have been on her phone. Oh…because that makes it right?? IDIOT. Both of them. No trades…freebies. We’re just giving them away.

  5. BigH76

    P.S. Don Lemon or whatever his name, is a complete joke.

  6. BigH76

    I just wanted to leave a comment about this issue. I don’t have any kids. I have three nieces and I wouldn’t care if they were in the wrong, I would’ve went to jail that day. No man, and I mean no man is going to put their hands on nieces the way this guy did to this little young lady and live to see another day. I don’t want them to grow up thinking it’s ok for a man to handle them is this type of manner. And if any Man, especially black men, think this is ok, they have no reason to ever call themselves a man again.

    Rob and Karen, keep up the great work.

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